Sen. Ali Wakili : A Man Of His Constituency And Country, Why He Can’t Be Recall From The Senate

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Citizen John Akevi

In Nigeria, while other senatorial zones of the federation are searching and praying fervently for good representative Bauchi South senatorial district have already been blessed with a representative with qualities that others desire in a leader. This is a leader whose vision for his constituents and country is second to none. Though his mandate is limited to lawmaking, however, his developmental strides and interest in the welfare of the people he represents is legendary.

While as a first term serving senator, Ali Wakili still remains a leader in the National Assembly not only because he heads a powerful committee ( as significant as that is),but due to his sharp intelligence and his canny ability to build and mold broad based consensus across political divide, and especially his indomitable commitment to nation-building.

Even before Ali Wakili became a senator his selflessness and commitment to humanity was well noticed. He had earned for himself the toga of an epitome of benevolence. For those in his community who knew him while growing up, he was always ready to give up the little he had for others. And that was why he easily made friends with Almajiris, widows, mothers, elderly people and even the youths. They used to cluster around him like bees. Now as Representative , he has not been able to interrupt this virtue as he frequently visit his constituency and state.

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Sen. Ali Wakili is not like most elected representatives in the country after moving to Abuja, never bothered to come back to their constituencies until when another election is around the corner. And that is why as a serving senator in Abuja, he still remains undisputedly the grandmaster and the center of Bauchi state political gravity. This perhaps has pitched him against some enemies of progress that see in him as a perfect candidate for recall. A topic for another day.

While In the Senate his achievements are monumental and second to none in terms of good governance and development. His representative function is in no doubt, in the right direction, his contribution to lawmaking in the red chamber is impeccable, and his commitment to legislative oversight function is worthwhile.

This is the more reason why the harder his critics and detractors try to denigrate him, the brighter his star shines, because he has enshrined himself, through his good deeds, in the hearts and minds of the good people of Bauchi state and Nigeria as a whole.

For the people of Bauchi South, they are proud to have the rare privilege of producing a colossus, an oasis of good hope, a connector of the past topresent, an astute pro-people politician and unrepentant democrat, a cheerful giver of both self and resources, a people’s politician and an indefatigable elder statesman of repute like Senator Ali Wakili who have re-write the history of their constituency and set the pace for uncommon development that the people will never forget for years to come.

Citizen John Akevi write against unpatriotic citizen who have been holding clandestine meeting to recall senator Ali Wakili from the senate.

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