See Photos Of Police Protest In Maiduguri

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Source: channelstv

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  1. Julibento says

    Its really sad to say that Nigeria as it stands now is a failed state. I am ashamed to see the level of corruption and inhumanity done by this present government. But they remembered to fund their wordrope allowance and their sitting allowance…. But the little stipends that is supposed for providing security for the common citizens can not be meant.
    It irritates me when I here govt say there is no fund…., they have not signed budget…. Etc. What about all the recovered lofted funds…? Only abatcha potted billions of dollar repatriated to Nigeria just of recent can take care of these issues but all we here is how they intend to siphoned it claiming they want to share it among the poorest Nigerians…. Let me ask…. Who are these poorest Nigerian…? Shame to Our leaders…. All I know is a day will come when all media houses, airports, communication facilities will be brought down and Nigerians’ will begin to decide their future…. Thats the day of reconning…..for our leaders. Till then, I rest my pen.

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