See Photos As Assakio Community In Nasarawa Turns To Cynosure of All Eyes As Strange Cross Appeared On The Ground

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Rabiu Omaku

Assakio community of Lafia local government was turn into cynosure by Christian faithful following the surfacing of a strange cross five feet away from the new central mosque of Assakio.

At about 9:30am (Saturday) when visited the scene, mammoth crowd of worshipers and onlookers were praying fervently for blessings and forgiveness.

Hajara Hussaini who announced the appearance of cross with a reflection affirmed that the cross appeared at about 8:00am on Wednesday.

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The fifteen year old Hajara (Muslim) revealed that a strange cross with bright lightning  appeared, in an interview she buttressed that the villagers distracted a follow-up message through the use of touch light.

“I told them not to put on their light but the flouted my message, when asked whether the message will resurface, she said no message would appear due to the impatience of the people, adding that the message is of great importance to the community.

The chief imam of Assakio in an interview described the appearance of the cross within the central mosque premises as an act of God almighty, Muhammed Iliyasu says it was a destiny from the creator of the universe.

“Jesus is also the prophet of God, and God can say be and it shall be, we have make a provision since the image of the cross is just five feet away from the central mosque and about ten feet  away from the new Palace we came up with a way to avoid any crisis”.

He however added that the community resolved that people coming to see the strange cross will only give way to Muslims during the time of the five obligatory prayers to avoid distractions, at the time of filing this report the very spot was carve out with blocks.

Very Reverend Michael Dogo of the Evangelical Reform Church of Christ Assakio confided that the appearance of the cross was the sign of God’s intervention in the recent crisis that engulfed the community, calling on the people embrace God as their saviour.

“Not only that effort was made to clean the spot but the image keeps on resurfacing even after a heavy downpour, I’m calling on the Christian to remain calm”.

Some of the people interview has this to say: Gloria Eze an indigent of Enugu and a resident of Ashige said she got healed after visiting the scene, “i have strange movement in my body system after i undergone a surgery, but now everything is over.

Also speaking, Jonathan Amegwa, a member of the boys’ brigade gave his testimony of the cross as he said they used sand to cover the image but to no avail.

See Other Picture Below:

The Cross circled with blocks as people stands to watch,
The Cross circled with blocks as people stands to watch, and others knelt to pray
The Cross circled with blocks as people stands to watch, and others knelt to pray
The Cross circled with blocks as people stands to watch, and others knelt to pray
Hajara The Girl that saw the cross

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