Rumpus In Rivers PDP: Glory Emeh’s Presence Split Wike, Awuse And Woke

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Josiah Whyte

You are all aware of the obvious fact that Chief Glory Emeh has already decamped to PDP wherein he has been inspecting projects with Gov. Nyesom Wike. Piqued by this, both Sergeant Awuse and Emeka Woke are no longer at ease.

Last week was set aside for the dual purposes of (a) the burial of Okey Onuchukwu’s mother and (b) the formal declaration of Chief Glory Emeh for PDP on Saturday.

On the same Saturday, both Sergeant Awuse and Emeka Woke went to Emohua but decided to stay in Sergeant Awuse’s mansion to the exclusion of everybody, sipping their choice wine while there.

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When Gov. Wike arrived with his entourage at Rumuhia (Emeh’s home town) for the burial but did not see both Sergeant Awuse and Emeka Woke who had already switched off their phones hence the declaration did not hold. Wike’s calls to the duo met a brick wall. Wike was there for the burial but with the absence of Woke and Awuse, grudgingly proceeded to Emeh’s house for entertainment. While there, he called the lines Awuse and Woke repeatedly all to no avail.

Unknown to Wike, Emeh had sent someone to confirm if Awuse was at home. The errand boy returned with answer in the affirmative to the chagrin of Wike who immediately drove down to Awuse’s house, both Awuse and Woke came out and the following drama ensued:

“What are you people doing here, Awuse and Emeka?” shouted Gov. Wike.

“Nothing,” Emeka replied.

“Awuse, can you tell me why you refused to come out when you know that your Governor is in this town,” Wike queried.

“Come into the house your Excellency; we cannot work and Glory Emeh will come now…..,” Awuse blurted. But Wike angrily interjected, “I will not come to your house again” as he entered his vehicle and was driven off.

What has become clear to keen observers of Government House, Port Harcourt is that there exists an obvious dichotomy between Wike and Emeh on one side, and Emeka and Awuse on the other side. The latter claim that Emeh cannot come now to reap the fruits of their labour; always sitting in front row with Wike while inspecting projects, even when some of them have not gone out with the Governor to inspect any project.

Clearly, Glory Emeh’s defection from APC to join PDP is causing serious concern within PDP in the State at the moment.

Just two days ago, Chief Glory Emeh had to go home to decamp before a few PDP ward members. There was also no crowd in his village yesterday even if he called for a meeting of his village people. He later told his village people whether they liked it or not, he had already left APC.


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