Rukuba Speaking Natives Beg Soldiers To Release One Of Their Son Arrested For Upheaval

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Yakubu Busari


The National President of Bache Cultural Development Association (BCDA), Engineer, Simon Asukuchili Agoh   has called on military authority to reciprocate their peace disposition on Bache speaking natives of Rukuba and release one of their son who was arrested during the crisis between Dong, Rafiki communities of Plateau state.


In a press conference delivered by the National President of Bache cultural Development Association Engineer Agoh in Jos.


We are calling on the military authority to immediately release Akusu Michael and tender undeserved apology for their unlawful detention and calm the tension in kiche community.


He said,”We are also calling on the military authority to reciprocate our peaceful disposition by touching the lives of their host community positively through social responsibility projects and avoid act capable of creating disharmony “.


Agoh raised alarm over indiscriminate arrest of six Bache (Rukuba) youth in the wake of the Irigwe -Fulani clash on 14th March, 2018 at Alaintu, Kuban -lloi and Kawak -ahesek all in Rukuba chiefdom.


“We hereby register our deep-seated heartfelt sympathy to the victims of the clash; we also wish to commend the efforts of the chairperson of Bassa Local Government Council Mrs Sarah Bali for the measures taken so far towards the restoration of peace in the local government”.


At about 6:30am,members of this community were woken by sporadic gunshots ,naturally ,prompting them out of their abodes for inquiry ,unfortunately ,within their vicinity ,the six youths ,namely ;Akusu Michael ,Monday Awulibi,Enock Akpai Adik ,Amil Ajiyah ,Adiwu Ugyili and Achigak Ayhu were immediately rounded up by armed soldiers who herded them into a van that delivered them to a cell at the STF office in Jos where they were held incommunicado for over one week until Friday ,23rd March, 2018 when five of them were released except Akusu Michael”.


According to him, it is obvious that Kiche (Rukuba) community remains one of the most peaceful communities in Plateau state, this can be attested by all including members of the 3rd Armoured Division, one of the most strategic military formations the host community.


Engr Agoh explained that a peaceful community hosting such a vital military formation would be made to bear the brunt and subjected to all sorts of harassment and intimidation over a clash they have nothing to do with.


We view the recent clash between Irigwe and Fulani as unfortunate and regrettable but it is also unacceptable the indiscriminate arrest and continued detention of our innocent youth who had nothing to do with the clash.

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