Riyom Constituents Disagree With Hon Timothy Datong Over Constituency Projects

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Yakubu Busari

The Concerned Youth of Riyom, of Plateau State, through its spokesperson, Hon Dabereh Mwatloh has said one of the major problems facing them even as the Member representing Riyom constituency is set to commission projects in his constituency is that they lack confidence in him.

The controversy over a plan by the Member Representing Riyom House of Assembly, Hon Timothy Datong’s commissioning of constituency projects rages as it has pitched him the Legislature against the constituents

The constituents took different positions on the vexed issue of constituency projects expressing dissatisfaction with the member for his nonchalant attitude towards them.

Daberah projects in Fang, Bangai, Nukur, Danchido set to be commissioned were shoddily completed,  even as they said the one in Rakum of ( Mahaga) he knows that he is not the owner of the project.

The statement reads thus; “that the primary function of the legislature to make laws, has been misconstrued, and lobby for constituency projects is at the center stage, hence the need for the lawmaker to use his roles for the constituents has failed, as well as bring in a positive leadership impact.

The concerned youth said the   Vote of No Confidence was on his sudden nonavailability and the behavior and communication toward them.

“As constituents, we peer and look into leadership and poor communication problems that have dwindled the wheel of progress with projects not executed and now, he. is coming to commission someone else projects listed  is enough to be “in the loop.”

“The primary role of the legislator is to make laws, which was not heard of him, they alleged, but for most constituents, he has failed to provide them with borehole, until you provide them with generators or transformers or achieved much “.

They explained that the idea of constituency intervention projects arose as a result of the demand by Nigerians for equitable and even distribution of infrastructural development projects.

Relying on Sections 14 (3), 15 (4), 16 (1) and (2), and Sections 13 (1) of the 1999 constitution, the statement read, it was a significant constitutional duty and responsibility of a legislator to ensure that projects are evenly distributed to all.

They initiate the projects under Section 81 of the constitution, although with the tacit understanding of the Legislature”.

“The Appropriation Act is a law of the federation that contains the constituency projects, which are all domiciled in the respective MDAs.

Politics continue to press offenses, and assuming a continuation of their present rate of advance, the day is not distant when theirs will be the authoritative voice throughout the discipline

The quickness with which the new forces have occupied large sectors of the field may be either a fair measure of intellectual smartness or flabbiness of the older greed politicking class or again, is it merely the triumph of the fashion set for commission,…?

An ironic plan in motion and disguise without valid explanation to the metamorphosis and exhibition towards its standing or outcomes even a layman would have the insight, knowledge, understanding that no foundation nor structure can come into existence on any ground land without the knowledge of the people, chiefs, ministry, Senator or you in particular as the people member representative…

We can see why you are tagged as a double source face weapon with a template and agent program in play, it’s crystal clear that your misrepresentations and misguided plan of action would soon come to an end

What misinterpretations that others are overwhelmed by your company of Columbus brouhaha, mere political flavors when underground is a parcel of dangers you carry,…

Set to subdue the present locality An Affluence in magnitude and volume for until these issues have been squarely confronted on the basics and general plain understanding if not the Riyom constituency is set on an illusion scene and tale of stories that can never see the light of the Day even in present or ancients of Days.

“Today, there’s a lot of distrust and disconnect between the member and the public. So the community described his action, as the worst representation, where he failed to bring into focus; to bridge the gap. It’s going to be community-driven”.

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