The Right Of Women, Girls In Religious Perspective

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Umar Abubakar Adamu

It is categorically stated that Islam is the religion of peace and it is the way of life that deal with human veracious, in the same vain the Christianity also stated that in the bible that the Christian religion is a way of life for Christian believers of Jesus Christ, and Christians derive their authority and guidance to life, from the books of bible.

This statement gathered during a two day seminar organized by the Jigawa State Hisba Command in collaboration with mobilization for development with a view to educating the three sister state in northern Nigeria on how to reduce conflicts of marriage by establishing committee of suhu in their respective states.

During the session many religious scholars of Islam and Christianitys discussed vital issues at various capacity to bring out modalities on how to end crisis between, especially during a cross learning event held at manpower development institute head quarter in Dutse  jigawa state.

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During the workshop all the three sisters state Kano, Jigawa and Kaduna met and discussed on the role of traditional rulers and ulamas as well as Christian leaders on how to work with reconciliation committee to solve issues with a view to finding out ways to resolve conflict in the society.

It was gathered that there are many beliefs and cultural practice in our society which directly antagonized the most vulnerable group of people especially women and children and the people with disability

Such practice when contextualized and studied empirically we can see that it has no basis in both the two religion practiced by the people of the north at large.

According to Christian scholar Mr. Ayaf from Kaduna state who presented a paper right titled right of women in Christianity said the bible stated that, the bible is the authority and spiritual guide for Christians, it has verses that clearly define the rights of  women and girls in the bible.

Saying that the women are created in God’s image, so God created mankind in his own image in the image of God he created them male and female and sent them to earth, according to Christian terms women can influence national policy and women can equally contribute to the development of a society and women has equal right to be educated.

According to the teaching of the holy bible it encourages children knowledge irrespective of their gender because women have equal blessing as men has from God explained clearly in the holy Bible, God said the women or girls are special from God conspiring the verses from the Bible psalm 144.12, psalms 127.3-4 and Genesis 8.18.

In the area of Islamic perspective the holy book of Islam that is the holy Qur,An has clearly stated  that glory be to Allah, who created in pairs all thing that the earth produces as well as their own human kind and other things of which they have no knowledge Qur,an chapter 236 verses 36 said.

Islam from inception has been clearly stated the right of a women in the first place it granted the women right to life by putting an end to inhuman practice of baby girl infanticide written in the holy qur,an where the God stated that kill not your children on a plea of want ,we provide sustenance for you and for them q6.15

According to Islamic scholars stated in a paper presented by Malam Aminu Baba Waziri that the practice of female infanticide is condemned in a scathing forms. Female children used to be buried alive by the pagan Arabs.

Waziri explained that it is importance to note that negative attitude and hatred of giving birth to female babies still persist almost all over the world , the wife that give birth to female children is treated unfavorable by husband and his relatives and sometime that lead to the divorce of that woman.

Islam is for women, in different contexts and social statues. as a daughter in Islam is not only prescribe a special treatment for a women and being kind to her as mean of securing Allah’s pleasure and gaining protection from hell fire of God on the day of judgment.

The holy Qur,an stated that he who ever provides for two daughters or three daughters or two sisters or three sisters up to the time of their death and in one narration said up to the time of their marriage were consummated in yet another narration up to the time they reach the age of puberty or up to the time he died  before them, he and them all they will be together in paradise he pointed with his index finger.

In addition the general human rights granted men and women equal right, Islam also granted women matrimonial right which consist of premarital right, rights during matrimony, and right in event of divorce, the practice of universal human right as contained in Nigerian constitution which are for male and female citizens were already granted to women in the holly Qur,an right from the inception of first decade of the 7th century.

These constitutional fundamental human right include right to life right to own property and dispose of it ,right to freedom of expression, right to fair hearing and rule of law, right to freedom of association and right of to religion, these fundamental human rights  are applicable to both women and men and  citizens of Nigeria, they were also enshrine in the Qur,an and prophetic traditions right from the advance of Islam in the first decade of the 7th century AD.

Waziri explained further that these right stipulated in the noble Qur’an and prophetic tradition , however , there is need for a law to enforce observant and implementation of the women matrimonial right because it is the responsibility of government to see that the implementation of these rights is applicable so that society can move  forward in an authentic tradition compiled by Bukhari and Muslim as prophet Muhammad PBUH said.

All of you are shepherds and all of you are responsible for his herds. The leader is a shepherd and is responsible for his herd. Man is a shepherd in his family and is responsible for his herd .A women is a shepherd in her husband’s house and is responsible for her herding. A servant is a shepherd of his masters wealth and is responsible for his herd, thus all of you are shepherds and responsible for your herds.



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