Ribadu Enjoys Support Of Over 200 Groups In Adamawa State- Groups By Tom Garba, Yola

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The ongoing reconciliation in the Peoples Democratic Part, (PDP) family in Adamawa state seems to be re-positioning the party on the verge of winning elections as the candidature of Mallam Nuhu Ribadu is receiving a boost day by day, various women, youths and traders unions are endorsing his candidature.
A network of all the  groups  under the auspices of the Ribadu Awareness Network (RAN) said the support of Ribadu is expedient base on his prudent tract records of his achievements which necessitate  the support of his candidature, a man of his kind, a unique breed  among the many candidates, Nuhu   has the skills, exposure, and comportment to lead Adamawa state to the Promised Land.
Speaking during the occasion,  National Coordinator Of Team Ribadu, Chido Onuma said he and other like minds have been in support of Ribadu’s political drive in the last 5 years having closely studied him at close range and having been satisfied that he has what it takes to salvage the state from its current state of underdevelopment.
While speaking, one of the spokesmen of the youth Mustapha Atiku Ribadu said the various groups deemed it fit to come together for a common purpose in other to salvage the state from the doldrums of decay and underdevelopment that has becomes the hallmark of the state since the return of the country to democracy.
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“Adamawa needs good leader and in Nuhu Ribadu we have one who is capable of using his vast wealth of experience to bring fast development to our impoverished state.” he said.

Another youth leader Alhaji Usman Muhammad said the groups deemed it fit to choose Ribadu out of the other gubernatorial candidates because he is the only one who can confront the security challenges bedevilling the state head on being in the security circle for a long time.

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