Revealed: The Sordid Tales of Omgbolo Community In Kokona LGA Of Nasarawa Where Government Presence Is Lacking(See Photos)

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Rabiu Omaku

  • No Police Station, Potable Drinking Water, As Banditry Looms

The Omgbolo community once in 2003-2007 produced a former member of the Nasarawa State House of Assembly representing Kokona East, Honorable Jacob Okari Owa. He was also once an Interim Maganagent Committee Chairman of Kokona, Coordinator of Poverty Alleviation Programme, Though his impact was felt by his people when he was the IMC Chairman he made effort to connect the backward Community to the national grid as over 100 concrete poles were installed from Angwan Mada halfway to Omgbolo.

Block of the comatose classroom
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The community with a population of over 7000 persons has no police station, this has given rise to increasing cases of invasion of their farmlands by Fulani pastoralists, An insider from the Community in an interview said there was an agreement between the Community and Fulanis’ not to invade their farm produce again, he said this followed the rising death of cattle on daily basis within Omgbolo as a treaty was sealed and later on flouted by Fulani herders as the destruction of green plants continued unabated, This situation according to Madaki made the farmers to abandoned their farms.


It was gathered that during the reign of Hon. Owa as Member Nasarawa State House of Assembly he fast-tracked the building of a structure through community effort and was later donated as a police outpost but did not last for eight months following the defeat of Owa in 2007 election, The community currently relied on Vigilante as the last option to settle any rumpus be it theft or family clash.


The intermittent attack along the 15 km feeder road to Garaku-Keffi and the Federal Capital Territory road by bandits especially armed robbers and kidnappers compelled the youths clear the deadly route from their community to Angwan Itace down to Angwan Mada, The head of Vigilante, Ode Madaki said the cutting down of shrubs along the road was to give way to motorcyclists and those trekking from either Kurmin Shinkafa or Mandara to Omgbolo.


Available records have shown that gunmen suspected to be Fulani herders invaded the harmless community on several occasions killing people without any arrest by the concerned authorities.

Ceiling of Omgbolo primary school

He opined that seizure of motorcycle, kidnapping, and molestation of women coming back from the Gudi market is on the increase, saying until something tangible is done the security to rescue the people from those criminal elements.


He said farmers no longer have it easy because the destruction of crops occurred mostly on Sunday when people are at home; this ugly trend foisted the people to either stay at home or delved into palm wine tapping to keep body and soul.


There is an indication that hunger may loom in Omgbolo community whose vast populace are peasants, palm wine tappers while women are into black soap making, The sporadic attack on farmers and their farmlands were relegated to the background as they lost interest on the trade they inherited from their ancestors which he said was farming.


Another shocking news about the community is that Omgbolo relies on stream and pond water as a source of drinking water, the worst about the stream is that it was surrounded by bush where the villagers go for open defecation and it would return to the stream during the rainy season and taken as drinking water,

Villagers taking water from the pond and stream

A health worker in one of the existing Primary Health Care which is one of the only Governments presence revealed that the common ailment in the community is Bilhazisis which she said is caused by contaminated water, a visit by Universal Reporters can authoritatively uncover that the water obtained from the stream and pond can stain white garments.


It was further revealed that the only source of clean water is the solar borehole sunk inside the PHC whose pumping machine was stolen by suspected bandits which one of the persons attached to the health facility said the thieves were well-armed during the operation which he said it lasted for over forty minutes.


Another untold story of Omgbolo is the unabated open defecation in the community, one of the villagers, when interviewed, said he is not used to the toilet, instead, he prefers going to the bush to answer the call of nature not minding what is in the bush while other villagers used the roadside to ease themselves in during the late hour.


One of the villagers, Mama Otashi says the only source of portable drinking water is the new borehole sunk by the Member Federal House of Representatives representing Kokona/Keffi/Karu,Honorable Jonathan Gaza.


It would recall that the former Member House of Assembly Jacob Okari Owa sunk an open well to the community, since then the people are drinking from the stream which cow cannot drink.

This the source of water

The community is educationally backward; having not more than 6 graduates which one is female, what is common with Omgbolo is early marriage amongst the people. A visit to the only comatose primary school is an eyesore as the old structures are shadow of itself lacking seats, while the only lively classroom block was the among the recent contracts awarded across the State


An insider said the school is from class 1, 2, 3 4, 5, 6 has a total of four class teachers out of which only two are qualified.


A visit to the House of the second in command to the head of the community, Tella Ogye could not be reached for comment as at press time.

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