Rev. Dr. Caleb S. Ahima’s Eyes Leadership Of CAN

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Yakubu Busari


Rev. Dr. Caleb S. Ahima has offered himself to serve the Body of Christ, under the umbrella of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) as President. It is not also in dispute that the personal data relating to Dr. Caleb is in the public domain.


Ahima promised to reposition CAN to achieve it set objectives to higher height and why so many Christians, Christian Bodies and denominations are currently expressing their support for his leadership quest.


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In a press statement made available to our correspondent in Jos, frowned at failed leadership in CAN over the years to react to killing.


He condemned the killings in the Northern part of the country which is more hit by the wave of killings, hence the need of a leader to emerge from this part of the country at this time of need to bring forth the needed courage that will strengthen the faith of Christian members, who are crying daily for help, owing to the state of insecurity and high degree of neglect.


He reiterated that the greatest challenge facing the Church in Nigeria today, is that of leadership.

CAN in the past few years has been faced with the problem of formulating a strategy that would enable it achieve its primary purposes and policies.


Ahima stated that   the early missionaries in the areas of health and education, a partnership  the Church and Governments in the area of security is not only desirable, but imperative. His experience in Conflict/Security assignments would come handy.


According to him,CAN in a simply narrative is hooked and intertwined with a nation (Nigeria) that is wobbling to find its feet to trace a reliable future. On this premise, it follows that, for Nigeria to change and bring hope to its citizens, it must be driven by a set of value system, which is now of essence.


He noted that one of greatest a good nations have undoubtedly had connection to the vibrancy of Christianity, its Missions/Missionaries and their activities to the Church.


Hence, Leaders, Christians and non-Christians alike, were models for Leadership, having been nurtured by the then education system, which was largely driven by Christian Missions in Nigeria.


It is a common knowledge that our health care delivery system was largely influenced by Christian Missions/Missionaries in Nigeria and in Africa at large.


Ahima said  that Nigeria was once working because, the Church was working.

CAN therefore, cannot afford to be led by persons, who are far removed from the reality of the state of the Church in Nigeria.


He also when into the brief history of the rise and fall of Nigeria would find CAN culpable of whatever has befallen the nation. Which means a genuine rescue mission of the nation can only start from the Church. In this wise, CAN, as the organization representing the body of Christ in Nigeria, must consider the revival of its internal values, over and above whatever political stakes and dividends that can be offered to the body.


CAN must be engineered to drive the nation, rather than wallowing in the murky waters of politics alongside politicians. It must be seen to be the light through which the nation can walk out of her dark moment. And, this can only be achieved through a change of the leadership of CAN and its strategies. This, from findings and recent developments, the Body of Christ has agreed upon and it is prepared to drive to deliver a reliable future.


In the past Five (5) years without stoppage, the blood of Christians have continued to flow even when there are no streams or rivers in most parts of Northern Nigeria. In the Southern part of the Country, constant invasion of the Church of Christ have become a daily affair though selective.


From the above, most affiliates to CAN and Christians in the country as sampled, have began to clamour that, one from among the persecuted Saints from the Church in Northern Nigeria would be needed to be the voice of the Church at this season.

“For, we do not have a High Priest, who is not touched by the feelings of our infirmities.” They have claimed.

As we elk towards another Church leadership election, tagged, CAN PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS 2019, we humbly unveil REVEREND (DR.) CALEB S. AHIMA, of the TEKAN/ECWA Bloc.

This is a bloc with a wide level of mission/missionary operations in Northern Nigeria with dept in the heart of Sudan mission fields, including nations, such as, Niger, Mali, Chad etc.

We strongly believe that the diplomatic experience of this mission is of asset, not just to CAN but the country as a whole.

Rev. Dr. Caleb Solomon Ahima


NAME: Reverend (Dr.) Caleb S. Ahima

DATE OF BIRTH: April 28, 1956.


L.G.A.: Wukari

STATE: Taraba


Gender: Male.


First School Leaving Certificate, 1969

West African Examinations Certificate (WAEC), 1975

National Certificate of Education (NCE), 1982

Certificate of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), 1983

Bachelor of Education (B.ED),

Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria, Nigeria, 1986

Certificate of Communication, 1989

Master of Arts, Christian Education Ministries (M. A.ED)

Calvin Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, MI, USA, 1996 – 1998

Doctor of Divinity (AWARD), Federal University of Technology, Oweri, Nigeria, 2001.

FELLOWSHIP: Fellow of The Institute of Chartered Trustees, Nigeria.(FICTN), 2006


Rev. Dr. Caleb

President: Fellowship of Christian Students (FCS), ATC Campus, Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria, 1985 –1986.

President: Childcare Windows Fellowship, CRC-N, 1993-2002

General Secretary: Fellowship of Churches of Christ in Nigeria (TEKAN), a Federation of Christian Denominations in Nigeria, founded in 1955.


Zonal Secretary, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) North-Central Zone, 2005 – 2011.

Secretary, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN),

Directorate of National Issues and Social Welfare (2005-2007)

Trustee: Interfaith HIV/AIDS Coalition of Nigeria.

President, Christian Reformed Church in Nigeria (CRCN) (January 2012 to date).

President: Fellowship of Churches of Christ in Nigeria (2016 to date).

President (Leader), TEKAN /ECWA Bloc, Christians Association of Nigeria (CAN), 2016 to date.

My research findings indicate that Rev. Ahima has also served the nation and humanity in the following capacities:

Member of NIREC (Nigeria Inter-Religious Council) since the era of late ‘Yar’Adua;

Chairman, Taraba State Inter-Religious Affairs Council for Peace & Conflict Resolution;

Member, Taraba State Community Policing Eminent Persons’ Forum; and Vision Christian, University Ramona, California, USA.

At a time that the Church in Nigeria and Nigerians are faced with grave security challenges, we need to tap into the rich credentials of Rev. Ahima.


Further finding unveils that he is currently using both the Church and Governments of Taraba and Benue States to address the seemingless unending Tiv/Jukun crises.

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