Return The N54 Million You Squandered Plateau PDP Tells Former Party chairman, Dr.Haruna Dabin

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Yakubu Busari

The Plateau State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) new executive has asked Chairman Dr. Haruna Dabin to refund N54 million Naira  stolen from the party’s account.

In their statement jointly signed by the PDP the state Publicity secretary Hon John Akans and made available to Journalists warned the embattled chairman of the Party  Dr. Haruna Dabin to desist from act of indiscipline against the Party.

The statement also cautioned Dr. Haruna Dabin to desist from this act of engaging cheap blackmail and committing  utterances against the party, “which has come to  notice that Dr  Dabin went out on a solidarity visit to the Former National chairman Ali Modu Sheriff’s by recognizing his leadership”.

“We want to say it clear that we are fully committed to the decision of the last national convention to punished defaulters”.

The statement accused. Dr.  Dabin over recent visit to Dr Modu Sheriff in Abuja which posed serious threat to the party loyalty.

“He has display  desperation considering his lack of political ideology as a  politician, how can a man who was once a chairman of the party in the state will allow his behaviour to be  drag to this conduct.

He called that he was the only Plateau indigent who organized the Abuja group National Convention against Port-Harcourt.

Sen. Modu sheriff’s was the same person Dr. Dabin rejected at the last convention”.

‪The statement advised sheriff to careful of persons who are green snake, saying Dabin went to Sheriff to full his pocket that’s all”.

The statement however mention that the Party in the state under Leadership of Hon. Damishi Sango has been putting effort to unite and reconcile all our party members together as one family which is gaining result as a democratic party that is conscious of the need of its people.

‪”We are determined to involve all means of reconciling and uniting our various interests to rekindle the spirit of brotherhood.

These are part of our mission work as Party Leaders and we therefore call on those who are still aggrieved to please join us in building this trust in the spirit of sportsmanship”

Responding to our correspondent on Phone, Dr Haruna Dabin debunked allegation as he said that those accusing him of squandering state funds are hypocrites.

He says who destroyed the PDP in Plateau state, who is responsible for the loss being experienced.

According to him, those who are blackmailing me are ignorance of the tenets of democracy so we should wait and see who original PDP are.

” We don’t want impunity of some group who cause the downfall of the party so you are at liberty to write anything about me but they are looser ”.

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