Removal Of Council Chairmen: Umar Has Violated Supreme Court Ruling Says Group

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A group under the name The Progressives has accused acting Governor of Taraba State, Garba Umar over what they termed as intimidation and a violation of the Supreme Court judgement by him that led to the sacking of three local government chairmen.
According to a statement signed by Riman Charles on behalf of the group, the group said that they are shocked  that; “ “in spite of the Supreme Court ruling, Umar sacked the three local government chairmen.”
It stated further that;  “Taraba State Deputy Governor, Garba Umar, yesterday sacked three local council bosses for failing to comply with an order that he (Umar) must sweep the delegate election in the November 1 ward congress polls.
“They are the local government chairmen of Ussa,  Donga and Kurmi local government areas.  Umar’s latest action is not strange. He is the master of suicidal adventures.”
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According to Riman Charles , Umar popularly acknowledged and known as UTC does not have the power to undertake this action, saying that it is the House of Assembly that has the right and the power to remove local council bosses.
Adding further he said it must have a genuine basis for such an action…and there is a clear procedure to such issues.
“UTC, however, is not one to obey any court orders, even if it is from the Supreme Court, as he has often boasted.
“Unfortunately for the Taraba people, UTC is above the law of the land. He does as he pleases and believes there are no consequences. So far, he has succeeded in proving that he can get away with any criminality,” he said.
Speaking he said that the chairmen were sacked because they are standing against the acting governor.
“ Ussa’s chairman, David Abarshi, once even looked into the eyes of Umar to tell him the truth in a matter. Donga’s chairman, Capt. Ndatse Douglas is a Suntai loyalist, who has demonstrated that he would not betray his boss. Kurmi’s local government chairman, Mr. DC Hosea, Like the other two has remained resolutely behind Suntai,” he said.

“Their latest crime however is that they refused to twist the results of the ward congress to suit UTC, who desperately wanted to rig the election. However, UTC’s latest act of defiance of law and order should not be allowed to go unchecked by the generality of the populace. He can intimidate all he can but he would never be able to conquer the Taraban spirit,” the group said.

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