Rehabilitate “Sara-Suka” Before They Turn Plateau Upside Down, Concerned Youths Tell Lalong

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Yakubu Busari


The Concerned Jos Youths Association ,COJOYA) has raised alarm over the growing menace of gangsterism ,the popular “Sara-Suka ) in Jos ,Nasarawa ,Naraguta and its environments of Plateau State  by seeking to promote peaceful coexistence and to employed youths toward eschew violence , killings splitting blood of innocent citizens .


The 19 Youth Association in Jos and its environments said ,they unite together to find solution to the lingering social menace of Youths restiveness ,cultism ,drugs addiction ,outbreak of women ,minor rapes ravaging the areas with number the mate under now increasing in crimes and criminality .


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“We seek to promote peace, Justice ,equity and fairness to all members of the society irrespective of our faith ,tribes or political affiliation ,we observed with great displeasure how our generation are gradually degenerating into gangsterism, of sara-sura, deadly group,”.


The Chairman of the occasion:Deputy Chief Imam of Jos,Sheikh Gazali Ismail Adam,The  Youth Leader:Barrister Buhari Na Shehu Mai Kyau all expressed displeasure with the high rate of violence that,” it is  on record that the various gangs do have clashes amongst themselves almost on daily basis leading to serious injuries and even killing of one another .


The Youth Leader ,Barr. Kyau disclosed that the ugly trend has caused them sleepless night and lost of members of the society who are not aware of the clashed to maimed .


He reiterated that with the ongoing dastardly act a high numbers are been recruited daily to join them in committing this heinous crimes so in an effort to bring the menace under control COJOYA, decided to organize a one day stakeholders meeting to suggests way to rehabilitate ,reform and reintegrate them as members of the Plateau community .


Kyau maintained that the association to synergy with security agencies ,members of the society and religious organizations to prevent further bridge of law .


According to him ,the dangerous activities of the sara-Suka has to do with thuggery, terrorizing people with knives ,daggers ,dangerous weapons even with slated provocation went outside their crisis pruned area to rain attacks on citizens.


Barr Kyau condemned the new dimension which they have graduated from clashes to breaking of shops ,outright stealing of people valuables and they are moving on rampage to people houses to hurts and even killed .


He pointed out some of the causes of sara suka to parental negligence ,societal dormancy ,and silence ,prevalence of drug peddlers and drug abuse ,lack of synergy between the security agencies and the community ,political reasons .


The Chairman of the occasion:Deputy Chief Imam of Jos,Sheikh Gazali Ismail Adam,said orientation play a vital role in shaping every society so knowing the danger and the implications he employed state government to take of a proactive measure to prevent the youth restiveness.


Adams observed that the people engage in Sara suka activities lack the basic elementary western band Islamic education and most of them are either primary ,secondary schools dropout and they didn’t have the opportunity of attending Islamic education to be taught on value system .


The Islamic scholar frowned at how many children are now roaming the streets without engaging in vocational training or skills acquisition program to update the knowledge and make them to be useful to their immediate community and the country in general.


Engr Musa Saleh who is one of the quest speaker ,revealed that each generation has her own identity and they need to identify a particular problem and find a solution to it.


He said ,there is no society that can exist on his own without integration ,we have task our youth to do positive things on how to grow and build the society we live in .


Saleh challenged the organizers to promote justice equity ,if we must be fair in our judgment those Sara suka are not foreigners as claimed because they were given birth here in Plateau state and we need to accommodate each and prefer solution to end their problems or else this community is going nowhere.


He called on those in authority and wealth to individuals whose Allah have blessed them to kindly take the plight of these Sara suka boys very serious .


Engr Saleh emphasized that these youth can be vanguard of change if government harness their God given potential because 80 % of them are victims of communal clashes ,they were horned between 2001 to 2019 which clearly demonstrated that the trauma of crisis is still ravaging their mind.


He explained further that some of them can be engage in business venture of collection refuse dumps tailoring, handwork, sporting activities which would generate resources within few years .


Saleh noted that the youth restiveness cultism are attributed to all members of the society not to a particular tribes of religious as the society grow we should find solution to live together no matter the differences .

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