Reelection Bid Of Gov Lalong Administration Depends On His Policies And Human Face -Concerned Patriotic

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Yakubu Busari

A  Plateau state group under the aegis of Concerned Patriots, have described Governor Simon Bako Laong’s administrative policies as polices that are wearing human-face.

Some political pundits expressed pleasure that the developmental strides of Governor Lalong-led administration has done credibly well in the last few years.

They group commended Governor Simon Lalong, for his administrative policies in the state in the restoration of peace and religion tolerance.

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According to the spokesman  of the group, Hon. Dan Bulus, who applauded  the policies of Governor Lalong since he came into office in 2015 said it has  helped in the development of the state unlike other administrations before him.

Hon. Bulus, explained that the group has enjoyed presence in the 17 Local Government Area of the state, he further said that Governor (Rt. Hon. Simon Bako Lalong) has given them the benefit of being alive because of the constant payment of their salaries.

The group’s statement  in part reads; “We are happy as workers and people of Plateau today, to have a Governor like Lalong, who places human life first above any other projects in the state.

“Although he has not built much structures or constructed many roads in the state, he has built many lives and protect hundreds, especially, the lives of the children, who were once thrown out of schools because their parents could not afford to settle their school fees  before now, owing to the fact that they are civil servants.

The peace we now enjoy in the state is also a deliberate policy of Governor Lalong’s administration. Although we see pockets of attacks here and there, the number of deaths and its frequencies has reduced.

He maintained that the government is doing all things possible for peace to remain in the state. People are leaving other states now for Plateau state.

Is that not commendable?

For us as Concerned Patriots, we commend the Governor for holding on to that policy, as it has saved uncountable number of innocent lives.

We expect that, if given the chance for a second term and the level of peace remaining the same, Governor Lalong, will build all that is desirable. For now, his strength and that of his administration for Plateau, rest in his human-face policies, which need to be embraced by all.”

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