Re: Dangers Of Blind Investment

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Tukur Mamu

Expectedly, my yesterday’s piece on the above subject matter has not only attracted wide readership and circulation within and outside Nigeria but has attracted the needed debate I foresaw and targeted. At the end, Yobe State and it’s citizens will be the major beneficiaries. That is my ultimate target.

On the other hand, political thugs, semi illiterates and many others that depends on Ibrahim Bomoi’s stolen billions to survive and even though most of them cannot even comprehend the contents of my write-up due to poor education, considers my piece as not only a taboo but equal to committing Shirk because their idol has been sufficiently exposed. By now I can say with complete certainty that under the APC and with Muhammadu Buhari as the President and Governor Ibrahim Gaidam as the governor, Ibrahim Bomoi due to many factors I will expose in coming months in addition to what has been said so far cannot be even a Councillor under the APC in 2019. This statement should be taken seriously and I will stand to be corrected after 29th May, 2019.

To underscore the nature and type of irresponsible thugs Bomoi recruited to championed his blind governorship ambition, they have reduced responses on my write-up to abuses, raining insults on my person and all forms of rantings to express their frustrations. That is the type of person that wants to govern Yobe State by all means because his sorcerers have assured him that he will become our governor in 2019. What Yobe elites and Nigerians expect from Bomoi’s political thugs, his semi illiterate followers and the homosexuals that are backing him is to engage me in intellectual discourse about the desirability or otherwise of his candidature and to offer superior argument(s) against my position but not to listen to groups of illiterates that have no idea at all about the DANGERS OF BLIND INVESTMENT and our efforts to avoid it using everything at our disposal. My piece was not targeted at the thugs and the boot lickers that surrounded Bomoi. I targeted our respected elites, the learned and specifically the leadership, and from the responses I heard directly and indirectly, the piece has hit the target not because it comes from me but because of the substance it contains. So while they continue with their rantings and abuses I will focus on giving substance with superior arguments to people that are learned.

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The only ‘justification’ they always give in support of Bomoi’s candidature is that he has been distributing rice and sugar in Potiskum for over four years and that as a Bolewa we must all support him. As a civil servant that supposedly depends on monthly salary where did he get the resources to be distributing trailer loads of rice? Can we now conclude that the so called rice distribution over the years was primarily meant and targeted to buy the conscience of the illiterates beneficiaries of Bomoi’s largesse and to use it to compromise them when the time comes? Is being a Bolewa enough justification for us the Bolewas to support the ambition of one of us blindly even if such a person is morally bankrupt, a sadist and one that can steal like a rat? Anybody that is learned in Islam will not care about the tribe of a leader but will be attracted to whoever that is decent and most importantly a pious Muslim to lead a society like ours. How can even a person that enters politics today just because he has so much stolen billions blindly espect a responsible party like the APC to consider him for the party’s governorship ticket or any other ticket for that matter above loyal party members that are there and serving the party for many years not because of their ambition but to build the party and serve the people?

Bomoi should go back to the drawing board and work for the party at the state level at least for ten years like others are doing before contemplating to contest for ANY elective post. And even then he must sanitize himself and those close to him like the University of Maiduguri dropout because Yobe cannot afford to be govern by homosexuals and morally bankrupt persons. But for now, I can say with certainty that the blind governorship ambition of Bomoi is death on arrival.

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