Re: A  Memo To Governor A. A. Sule, Through Ali Abari, as a Journalist’s Daily Diary and Professional Guide: All Good Journalists  Should Not Fear To Vouch For  The Truth

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Ali Abari Abubakar


Perhaps, the above heading is a famous dictum  and an unwritten familiar code of  moral as well as Professional practices, which stands as a traditional ringtone , which, regrettably, most Journalists in Nigeria have not been conscious of its relevance.


I  have decided to boost its compelling professional status, by sharing my personal conversation with Ali Abari Abubakar, one of the Senior Media Aides to Engineer A.A. Sule, the Nasarawa State Governor, who wanted me to know, about “the Governor’s giant strides and passionate commitments in promoting Educational Standards in the state”,, which to quote him  by his own self confession, “was my  greatest area of interests and visionary pursuits”, during my tenure as the much vilified and maliciously maligned, Executive Chairman, of  NSUBEB, Nasarawa State Universal Basic Education Board, during which , we made concerted efforts to revolutionaried the decadence and mountain of endemic decays in the system, which at the time, was frivolously hijacked by entrenched and  indoctrinated Mafia Chieftains and nepotistic conspirators, who were desperately ambitious and fanatically hoping to become the  fortune- seeking young millionaires of the corruption raptured State ” and who regarded the sector as their Cash Cow for unchecked milking spree, and as preserved popular ATM Card and Vineyards, for  favour-seeking and unrepentant corrupt practices”!


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Now, in order to allow Journalist Abari and his Professional Colleagues the privilege and Professional favor of participating in this dialogue, as a case study of my encounter with some notorious official masterminds of educational  decay in the state , nay,  which by coincidence of  extensional circumstances of irresponsible aberration, has also by habits become a genetically generic disease in the  whole Geopolitical Areas of  the old  Northern Region of Nigeria, as a result of  which consequential aftermaths  I was emotionally inspired to  advocate for a  State of  Emergency on the Educational Crises in the North, which good Journalists like Ali Abari ,NTA’s Abubakar Akwanga,NBS’s persecuted Christopher Ajegana, Jerry Peleng, Ibrahim Onawo, Adamu Yusuf of Radio Nigeria-, Kaduna,who found it befitting to honor me with a ceremonial Crown. and which he addresses me with, as” Baban Talakawan Nigeria”

He, along with several fine Journalists like the lates Jibrin Khalid and my young radical and investigative Professional Tiv Son; Joseph Hir of blessed memory combined with the morally incorruptible and Professionally uncompromisable Salihu Tahir Ajobe of the Daily Trust Communication stable ; the untiringly dedicated  Donatus Nadi, John Chuwang Pam, Ibrahim Onawo Doma and Jerry Peleng  of NBS ,  and last but not the  least, even the never say die hardworking Yakubu Lamai  ,as well as  the seasoned and meliculously concerned gentleman of journalistic and elegant Professional   Practices, Rayyanu Bala ,who together with the former State NUJ Chairman- Dogo Shammah, the Professionally dynamic new Commissioner for imformation, as well as  the courageous Sahara Reporters Correspondent, Rabi’u Danafon Amaku, whom the notorious killer Squad almost squeezed his life out, at the premises of the State Pension Board in Lafia, for daring to report the pathetic tragedy of unpaid Pensioners in the State!

I must not fail to mention the humanitarian Service of Barrister Joseph Abulaga Kigbu, the detribalized and unbiased believer in human diversity, who saved an innocent Gwandara victim  from Nigeria’s Jungle Justice, after spending more than  Six(6)  years in  detention!

All of them and several others, which lack of space cannot permit for me to mention here,  were  visible champions , who played strategic and numerous complementary roles , in my struggle, and who, at all times, can honestly  vouch and testify.

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