Ramadan: Olawale Congratulates Muslim Faithful, Urges For Renew Dedication For Osun Redemption 

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A governorship hopeful under the platform of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Osun state, Mr. Olawale Rasheed has congratulated Muslim faithfuls  on this year Ramadan period, describing the month as a prelude to the liberation of Osun people from misrule and bad government.



Olawale in a message he personally signed on Tuesday reminded all Muslims of the virtues of personal sacrifice, self-discipline and tolerance which the holy month of Ramadan symbolises, calling on them to see Ramadan as a period to be steadfast and prayerful for the restoration of good governance in Osun state.



He also sued for increased tolerance among religious faiths in Osun state, pointing out peaceful co-existence and tolerance remained the foundation for development and growth.



“The Holy month of Ramadan is that period that offers Muslim an opportunity for self-restraint and seek the forgiveness of Allah for misdeeds. Also, it is a period for Muslims to demonstrate love and cheerful giving, without limitation to faith,” the Iwo born politician said.



“In the Holy Quran in Chapter 2 verse 183, Allah says ‘Fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you so that you can learn self-restraint’, hence, we must imbibe piety that can help atone for our many sins and pray for Osun development.”



Olawale encouraged Muslims to allow fasting to have positive impact on them, suggesting that reading the Quran, feeding the poor and observing other good deeds should be their occupation during Ramadan.



Assessing the situation of governance in Osun state, Olawale decried the unbearable burden of leadership defect, which he noted can be corrected with Allah intervention and renewed resolve of the people to choose capable leadership.



“Osun needs deliverance from poverty, corruption, visionless leaders, wicked rulers and all purveyors of falsehood.



“While we seek Allah intervention, we must also be resolute in effecting leadership that has our concerns at heart and that is  prepared to deliver governance that is beneficial to all”, he said.

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