Probe Me, Jonathan Challenges Buhari; But Don’t Limit Your Probe To My Regime

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161113F.Jonathan-and-BuhariPresident Good luck Jonathan today told the incoming President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, to probe him when comes in as the President of this country on May 29, but that he should not limit his probe to his government alone.

At a valedictory meeting of the Federal Executive Council (FEC) in Abuja, added that those who are calling for probe of his government should ensure it goes beyond his administration so that it will not be seen as witch-hunting.

Speaking further, Jonathan said; “Some people are even calling for the probe of the government, but I think in Nigeria, there are a lot of many things that will be probed, very many things, even debts owed by states and debts owed by this country from 1960 up to this time. They say it is Jonathan’s administration that owes these debts.

“I believe that anybody that is coming for probe must also ensure that this probe is extended beyond the Jonathan administration. Otherwise, to me, it will be witch-hunt. If we are very sincere, it is not only the Jonathan administration that should be probed,” he said.

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According to him, his administration has done its best for Nigeria. He also said those calling for his administration’s probe should also add that the probe should be extended to the way oil wells and fields were allocated in the past.

The President also made it clear that he has not dissolved his cabinet as all ministers are expected to attend inauguration dinner on Thursday in their official capacity.

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