Principal Of Federal Government College, Jos Impregnates Own Student, Rushes Her For Wedding

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By Yakubu Busari, Jos

1360dfe (1)Wonder shall never end, as the principal of Federal Government College Jos has committed abominable act of putting one of his student, Aisha Bello into a family way.

The College Principal  Mohammed Manko, who impregnated his own student aged 17 year-old has secretly arranged with the student parents to elope the innocent student into his matrimonial home, even though the said Aisha Bello who is currently writing her NECO examination under the strict supervision of the principal.

Investigation revealed that the principal after putting the student into a family way had gone further to settle with the student parents for dowry that was paid in marathon to avoid Sharia law or further prosecution.

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According to some  parents who spoke with our correspondent on condition of anonymity,said they, the parent under the auspices of Parents Teachers Association of Federal Government College Jos ,as a ritual always hold meeting occasionally to brain-storm on issues militating against the school.

And last Saturday was one of such day the body were to meet to discuss among other things, the sexual molestation of the rowdy principal on his students.

According to a parent who pleaded not for her name not to be mentioned ,the principal who already preempted the agenda of the meeting however instructed the security men on duty not to allow any parent entrance into the meeting venue.

According to a parent who was present at the entrance during the incident said, they were at the school on information that parents will be deliberating on pending issues regarding the welfare of students and progress of college but were denied access by the principal instruction.

Many parents have threatened to vacate their children for the fear of principal sexual harassment and molestation to students of college. Aisha Bello who is currently writing her final year NECO under strict supervision of the principal refused to pick calls.

Our investigation revealed  that parents of the college who are no longer comfortable with the shameful behavior of the principal against his students are threatening to withdraw their children\ward.

According to one of the parents”its very, very unfortunate,this is a teacher, principal of a big school like government college,   one would expect him to be a father to all of the students,but he is helping to destroy the future of the students”.

Another parent who claimed to have taught under Mr Manko as PTA teacher  said she have to resigned her appointment with the school because of the principal overbearing attitude particularly toward the female staff.

According to her,”he sleeps with them with reckless abandon with the promised to them that he will facilitate their permanent appointment with the college,on the male side ,he make them to cough out whooping sum of money without any result.”

The principal who apart from molesting his students ,is also alleged to be a cultist who  initiate his students into cult activities, this the staff said informed her reason to withdraw her daughter immediately she was through with her JSS 3.

Mr Manko who was said to have had a serious connection with the power that be ,was said to have been transferred on several occasions as he always bribe his way through, “he is one of the longest serving principal in Jos Federal Government College with over 10 years which is very unreal,and got to show that something is definitely wrong somewhere”

Plateau state police cammand DSP Emmanuel Abu said the command is yet to have full details of the incident, promised to furnish more after .

All effort to contact the Principal, proved abortive as the Principal didn’t answer his calls neither did respond to the text messages sent to him.

When our reporter went to the school to ascertain veracity of the story, he was refused entrance into the school.

  1. polycarp moezang says

    What an abomination and disgrace!The principal should be charged for molestation.

  2. alex g says

    How are you sure anything will happen with the shameless principal as i was met to understand in the report that he is well ‘connected’.pls the government should not sleep this under the carpet.

  3. dr Poundz says

    He has started dt crap right from d days wen he was in fgc ilorin. he nids to be dealt with

    1. seyi_chaise says

      He was been slapped by a female student in FGC Ilorin when he was still a teacher.

    2. T~gal says

      U’re so correct… He started it right 4rm fgc ilorin. He needs 2 be castrated

  4. unity says

    I cant believe this!….

  5. Anoymous says

    i feel so bad abt this….its so disgraceful
    he was a vice principal
    bk then in fgc ilorin

  6. axe says

    you remain a disgrace to my Alma mater

  7. damilola jimoh says

    Mr Manko, I knew him at FGC ilorin. That has always being his behaviour. Shameless man.

    1. Gbemisola says

      What’s he still doing in teaching Line?
      He must pay for all d nonsense so far…

  8. Ha says

    I know him. He used to be my teacher FGCI. He’s always being a child molestor, they should have registered him has a sex offender. I remember a girl slapped him because he touched her breast. Mr Manko with his ugly looking face. I think he was a government teacher or so. Very annoying man.

  9. freshest boya says

    He’s always been like that right from his days at FGC ILORIN. He needs to be dealt with mercilessly!!!

  10. anonymous says

    He happened to be my teacher in fgc Ilorin back in 2006. Mr Manko can do worst than this, there is no doubt about this

  11. christiana says

    Abomination what has never happened in FGC Jos has been cowardly display by the big man. How I miss my lovely principal and daddy Mr J B Ladan may your soul rest in peace .

    1. Ibrahim says

      Point of correction Pls, Mr. Ladan is alive, hale and hearty. He still attended my wedding this last December.

      1. Sheyin says

        Ibrahim, J.B Ladan passed away earlier this year

      2. I am gabriel says

        So ashamed of this manko. Innocent children should not be kept under the guardian of Such a man without honour. I feel ashamed to be identified with him as one of our own

    2. Digzy says

      May baba’s soul rest in perfect peace, that was a father and a teacher! Likes of Manko should have been dismissed since our days in FGC Ilorin.

  12. Joseph says

    The man is evil and corrupt,when i was looking for admission in the school three year ago he threat us bad. He talk too much like a Perot, is not a suprise to me he can do worst than.

  13. kolawole Bashirat says

    Couldn’t forget how strict he was in FGC(ilorin)then…Shame to you Mr Mako…U have Tarnished ur Image forever…Baba dudu

  14. fgciloringal says

    dis Mr Manko sha.

  15. Seun Adekunle says

    If this is true, shame on you Mr. Manko. Aisha’s parents should not succumb to financial intimidation and destroy their daughter’s future. Mr. Manko should be prosecuted for Pedophilia because he had started this right from FGC Ilorin.

  16. Naaz says

    Mr manko!!!!!


    its me…Manko! anyone from fgc ilorin will understand dat…. Manko has always been known by everyone as a useless element who so unfortunate to b highly connected…. m nt surprised nyway. just doin his tin…dnt blame him pls. one luv.

  18. bunmi says

    I am so so surprised. dis Aisha was actually my sch daughter wen she WS still a junior. she was a shy person. wel , pple change. m just heart broken. DAT man is such a frog

  19. LUKZIE says

    The whole of this news is about speculation, there is no substantial evidence on ground pertaining the whole issue. get me right, I’m not defending Mr manko. this life is a two way process, he might and might not do it. but manko serving for 10 years in jos is a big question to d writer.

  20. benzo says

    Lolz! dey cal it a culture I c dat as a course! Dr. Samuel akpan has always said such for dose dat can recall FGC Jos set 2003.too bad

  21. emmanuel pantong ado bishmang says

    manko? Wit doz his eyes lyk dat of a frog.u hav spoiled my great fed col jos on da plateau.ure a disgrace n nids 2b sacked without even benefits cus u hav stolen enuf frm d God go punish u black n urgly monkey

  22. Temple says

    always Mr. Manko. I’ve know him for this a long time ago when wanted my school mother, 1998 I think in FGCI.

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  24. Digzy says

    Baba Ladan was a FATHER & TEACHER indeed. May his gentle soul rest in peace. Likes of Manko should have been dismissed since our days in FGC Ilorin… its a shame.

  25. Alfa Samuel says

    It is such a shame that this is coming from FGC Jos. How have you been .He should face the full rod of the law

  26. Oluwaseun says

    I am very surprised that it took this long for Manko to be humiliated. he started this right from his days as Govt teacher in FGC Ilorin. i wont be surprised if he was the Baba Dudu then that was molesting all the girsld in the female hostel. It was such a horrible time.
    I also remember that they wrongly accused Jide Babalola and Kasko that they were the Baba dudu, the whole school vehemently refused that report!
    Its just so sad and a big shame that it took this long for his humiliation to come. I cant imagine the number of innocent girls that this man has sexually molested…

  27. yankat says

    President Buhari, pls dismiss this principal and jail him. Interview other students, he must have molested many.

  28. SteW says

    Manko or Madness? It’s a shame…

  29. Basirat says

    Mr.manko.he was always a randy teacher sins fgci days.what a public display of shame.its true,zebras Neva change their stripes

  30. Desmond Medals says

    Hmmmmm have been expecting this forblo g,for real…..I served (NYSC) in fgc jos under the administration of manko… a verybgood observant andvi knew him to be devilish and womanising he did to the extent that was draging a woman in the same schl,hes still owing me 3months salary…imagine

  31. Raymond Jonah says

    This is unethical! How can we proclaim “A nursery ground for future leaders” with such inhuman behaviour? Mr Manko the Lord will never leave you on punish, you are too wicked to principal FGC Jos. He may know his ways of doing things and getting away untouch, hnm am sorry his end and generation may be cursed for such an act. May the Lord deliver and guide us aright all.

  32. Musa Gujja says

    This is abomination may Allah forgive us shame-shame.

  33. Bamsida says

    Shameless man………………..

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