Pressure Mounts on Buhari to Sack Emefiele

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The Central Bank Governor, M. Godwin Emefiele may be sacked early in the new year despite his desperate efforts to cling to office, Sahel Standard can authoritatively report.

Reports from the Presidency indicated that the CBN governor is believed to have failed to manage critical issues such as the exchange rate among others.

Insiders believe that since the CBN policy has failed leading increasing weakening of the naira, it is time to have a new hand in the apex bank.

The CBN governor is also seen to have become increasingly divisive with all main economic voice in the land disputing his justification for the exchange policy.

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Aside the failure of policy, the involvement of the CBN in the Dasukigate is cited as a sign of deeper wrath within the apex bank which cannot be cleared unless the Governor is removed from office.

” Godwin is running here and there but the fact is that the game is up. The President is under intense pressure .This may happen in the new year.

” If he was aware of unorthodox cash movements and he did nothing. If he keep quiet until the Dasukigate, the feeling is that he should be relieved of his appointments,” the source within the establishment noted.


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