Presidential Campaign Visit And Gbong Gwom Jos Letter To Gov. Jang By Yakubu Busari,Jos

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For the second time in Plateau state  presidential candidate of People Democratic Party ,PDP ,will be hosting thousands supporters in and around the country.
This is a platform whereby developmental issues in the areas of business, politics, and academics are discussed extensively by President Goodluck Jonathan who is seeking re-election for second time.
Apart from redefining and redeeming the image of Nigeria which has been ranked Africa’s largest economy and 26th in the world after re-basing of her GDP ,which now stands at $510 billion ,numerous benefits will accrue to Nigeria .
The peace loving peoples of Plateau in 2011 give overwhelming votes to President Jonathan but in 2014 PDP delegates’ primaries which forms were sold in secret and hijacked by top government functionary tear the brotherhood.
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Currently the turmoil over the party’s governorship primaries in the state turns down the table of PDP followers.
The primary which was conducted with eleven aspirants gearing for the governorship ticket in the state was concealed following alleged electoral irregularities.
 With this development, and not to leave anything   to chance by the party leadership in the state for the ruling party in the state, the All Progressives Congress, APC , they also look at the choice of the candidates that is most acceptable by the electorates in the state.
His Majesty, Da Jacob Gyang Buba, The Gbong Gwom Jos in his open letter dated 8th Oct, 2014 ,title :LAST- LAP DECISION MAKING . You will find attached issues that I have raised that may need your due consideration in this most difficult time of decision making that may turn out to have huge and far reaching spiritual political and security implications for you as a person, some of us as individuals, family, the Berom nation and indeed our dear Plateau state a whole.
We had one-on-one discussions on the evening of 5th Oct,2014 and agreed that I pen down these issues that are weighty enough for PRAYERFUL consideration.
Iam here doing so sincerely and absolute good faith .iam also not under any illusion that they are a finality in themselves but may be subject to other superior considerations as long as such are not from the perspective of a SET MIND that seeks to work backward from answers to questions. We did agree on the need for Planning and even consider other options and possible fallback positions.
By the grace of God ,I acknowledged the huge developmental strides the almighty God has used you to accomplish in Plateau state and pray that we give Him the glory while we continue to joyously wallow in the blessing the thereon .
As you Consider these issues prayerfully, it is my ardent hope and desire that God shall not allow for conclusions that will not glorify His name and make your Labours to go in vain.
“Issues that may need to be considered in the crucial decisions for the way forward for the Berom Nation and Plateau state”
The Gbong Gwom Jos , Jacob Gyang Buba said, we may do well to remember the machinations (events) that led to our losing our chances in 1999 and 2003 .For he who knows where he is coming from, knows how to chart his way forward .can we afford to pretend these machinations may not manifest themselves again?
The manner of ward delineation that seems to have been deliberately done to short change the Berom nation and indeed Plateau North senatorial District in particular are still factors for Considerations.
Despite the refusal for rotation (to ensure the Berom never get a chance) and the emergence of candidates in 1999 and 2003 from the three senatorial districts; yet we note that in both 2007 and 2011 the Plateau central senatorial District did not present any candidates not because any agreement stopped them but possibly out of a sense of fair play and morality could this not be used gain us?
The security challenges that the state faces particularly the Plateau North senatorial District( with more intensity in Berom land) has been unfortunately used by many political and tribal opponents to preach the most unfortunate and false “gospel” that it arose from the hatred of the Berom towards Islam and Muslims particularly of Hausa and Fulani extraction .This false “Gospel” without doubt gained ground virtually nationwide ,and even internationally , and it seems to have impacted both party decisions and to some extent even federal decisions against us ,would our actions of desiring the seat so immediate not be impacted by this false “GOSPEL”
Have we any means developed a marketable strategy towards this venture that be convincing to those we seek to woo ? Have we even decided on who and who to partner with?
Do we note the fact that though the Berom is the largest single tribe on the plateau ,we do not have such numbers like the Tiv in Benue state or the Igala in Kogi state,that can make us go it alone ?shall we not also be open to the same accusations ethnic minorities ,to which we belong in the larger Nigeria context ,have often leveled against the bigger tribes.
What are the Convincing evidence that all the local government Chairmen in the state shall continue to be loyal to Governor ,Jang and the Berom nation and play ball with us as some seems to be naively saying?
Are we assuming that political loyalty to Governor Jang translates to loyalty to the Berom Nation?
Can we effectively deny the fact that political loyalty to Governor Jang is personal to him ? Can any political son/daughter automatically and or arrogantly inherit it.
Are we naively ignoring the possibility of a political gang-up against the Berom nation with its adverse political consequences even into the distance future?
Have we considered the fact that the failure of his venture may translate into our loosing not only the governorship ,but also the Deputy Governorship, Speakership and even any principal office in the house of assembly and even the senatorial seat if there is a political gang-up ?The issue of a ministerial or ambassadorial appointment may obviously be an illusion.

Is there no possibility of a gang-up even to the level of connivance with the parties at national level and adversely influence the administration and conduct of gubernatorial primaries over which we do not have any control.

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