Presidency Fallout: How Aisha Buhari Is Battling To Save Her Husband From The Grip Of The Cabal

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It seems a lot of Nigerians did not digest with wisdom the leaked telephone conservation between Mallam Mamman Daura and the ailing Dr. Mahmud Tukur. President Muhammadu Buhari was so embarrassed and disturbed by the content of the audio. Even though he has heard a lot prior to the leaked audio and has had cause to severally intervene in the crisis and fight for supremacy between members of his own family and the cabal, the leaked audio was one crisis too many and as usual the best way to handle it having understand the psyche of Nigerians is to keep silent while the controversy lasts.

His two lacklustre spokespersons were specifically instructed to remained mute and not to entertain any question regarding the disgraceful audio. As much, there was never any official statement from the presidency on the issue. In the circumstance they found themselves, they feel as they usually do whenever scandals of such magnitude arose is to restrict comments even though it is the rights of Nigerians to be informed on issues that directly or indirectly affects their wellbeing. Mamman Daura and Mahmud Tukur whom the audio exposed, also chose same approach as a means of containing the huge public embarrassment they caused to the president.

The audio says it all. And going by the content of the said audio which DESERT HERALD have reproduced in this write up, the persons that engaged in the said conversation will not mind to use anything at their disposal provided it will work to even kill the First Lady not to talk of silencing or suppressing her so called powers. It was in that same conversation Dr. Tukur referred to her as the “suicide bomber from Yola”, obviously avoiding to call her name on phone. For Mamman Daura, she merited the name (suicide bomber) for daring them and for succeeding to remain relevant and active in the politics of the villa and around the president despite the machinations he confessed they have been doing to undermine and silence her. Their frustrations as contained in the conversation shows how top Aisha Buhari has been in confronting their selfish desire to determine, dictate, dominate and control everything in Buhari’s presidency. So much conspiracy, powerplay, intrigues and penchant to reach out to the most ‘powerful’ and ‘effective’ sorcerers as Mamman revealed in his telephone conservation with “senior Mahmud” as he used to call him is happening in the presidency that requires to be documented in a complete book.

While Mamman had revealed to Dr. Tukur the extent he went including performing shirk to contain and even destroy anything and everything that has become an obstacle to him and his desire to remain the most powerful around the president, many wondered who between Mamman and Hajia Aisha is the real obstacle to Buhari’s presidency and the several failures and avoidable embarrassments the government has suffered. To say the presidency is in disarray and that there is massive and unprecedented corruption within the cabal that constituted themselves as a cult is an understatement.

Now that the president has declared his intention to seek for re-election, certain happenings that are not in the public domain or certain issues the president will claim not to have known will henceforth be our area of focus.

This piece is therefore the elaborate continuation of the short one that was earlier posted on the happenings in the presidency and how the First Lady ejected the leader of the cabal from the luxurious Aso Rock Glass House.

The cabal which by every assessment and reasoning have done more harm than good to Buhari, to Nigeria and it’s economy are no doubt determined to remain relevant and to sustain their monopoly over everything and even if to the detriment of President Buhari’s integrity as some of us have seen for almost three years now. The CBN governor, Mr. Godwin Emefiele, the NNPC GMD, Maikanti Baru, even the service chiefs and perhaps many ministers and some heads of MDAs are in a better position to tell Nigerians who the cabal actually are, their corruption escapades, their ability to manipulate their relationship with the president and to influence issues, policies and even appointments that are not in the best interest of Nigeria. They have so much ridiculed and exposed the president to the extent that it will be difficult for him to afford opening for public scrutiny the many scandals that surround their dubious conduct. The sufferings across Nigeria is artificial and one that can be handled using the right policies and approach but doing that will expose and harm the interest of the presidency cabal and other cohorts that constitute part of the looting spree. That is why clear corruption and corrupt enrichment cases like that of the former SGF, Babachir Lawan, that of the Secretary of the Presidential Committee for the Rehabilitation of the North East, Tijjani Tumsa and several properties that were bought by the cabal families cannot be prosecuted and will continue to suffer series of technicalities and delays.

DESERT HERALD reliably gathered that apart from using several houses they purchase to stash ill gotten wealth, Mr. Emefiele who reportedly bought his way through the greedy leader of the cabal to retain his coveted seat at the CBN had to raised concern recently to the Daura born leader of the cabal about several billions of naira (over N200 billion) stashed in different banks in the name of his stooge, a young man from Daura who also happens to be one of the president’s aide. The young man whose name starts with T, also recently lost his mother. Her name starts with H. The said billions according to our sources actually belongs to the old man who also happens to be a former banker. The leader of the cabal also intervened recently in what would have being a major scandal for him and the family when their sister who happens to be the mother of the young presidential aide (Mr. T) died recently. Even though the deceased is not known to have any business prior to her terminal sickness and death, the sum of N300 million was said to have been found in her account by her heirs. The young man (Mr. T) who was planted as the president’s aide by the leader of the cabal told the heirs which he is also among that the said money belongs to him. But his brothers and sisters rejected the claim and insisted that he bring evidence. The old man (leader of the cabal) knows that his protege has no evidence and that the money is part of many similar deposits scattered in different banks using accounts they can control. At the end and to avert possible scandal, the old man instructed that they should share the all the money as Islam demands amongst the heirs of the deceased.

It is also an open secret that another top member of the cabal, an indigene of Funtua who is old enough to start preparing for his grave is extremely bankrupt before President Buhari was elected. In fact, he took a facility from First Bank and Unity Bank and couldn’t pay prior to Buhari’s assumption of office. His relationship with the leader of the cabal and having been recruited as a major beneficiary of the yet to be reported CBN forex scam has earned him billions of naira thus becoming a billionaire in less than three years of Buhari’s presidency. It is estimated by top insiders at the CBN that through consistent fraudulent forex allocation especially during the first nine months of the artificial recession corruption forced the country to go into, the man from Funtua and the Daura born leader of the cabal used to get above N5 billion as proceeds of the sale every month. DESERT HERALD can authoritatively reveal that the Funtua born old man who has been bankrupt up to 29th May, 2015 has not only settled in full his bank loan of over N4 billion but that his son whose name starts with Abu is today a billionaire. Abu has recently bought a private jet but many close associates insinuate that the private jet actually belongs to his billionaire Funtua father. Abu is so rich now that he has started mobilising to unseat Governor Aminu Bello Masari in 2019.

Another young man that became billionaire in less than three years under the cabal is a close relative of the leader of the cabal. His name is Musa. The reader can find his full name but the cabal and in fact all those that are privy to the happenings in the villa knows the Musa we are referring to. Musa is not only ambitious but dubious. He appears with an innocent face on the surface and has the listening ears of the leader of the cabal and the president too. Musa is now moving in three jeeps with full police and DSS escorts. He was a Kaduna Polytechnic drop out. Musa is not known to have inherited anything from his father as his late father with due respect is a local Kolanut seller. In less than three years, Musa has acquired choice properties and assets within and outside Nigeria. He is the ‘proud’ owner of a multi-million naira farm along Daura where he rear foreign cows with so many valuables. Nigerians will like to know who is the actual owner of the recently acquired edifice of N250 million at Gwadabe road beside former Royal Tropicana Hotel (now Royal Blue) few metres to the house of the Daura born leader of the cabal in Kaduna. The house was sold to him by a popular estate agency in Unguwan Sarki, Kaduna.

There is a huge moral burden on the part of the members of the cabal including the man with the red cap (who virtually controls everything in Aso Rock) to explain to Nigerians the source of their sudden and stupendous wealth. The exclusive use of wives and children to buy houses in obviously remote towns and cities and using them to stashed money in such places will one day be unearthed more so with the calibre of the cabal that are so wicked, stingy and insensitive to offer even the most little assistance to their closest aides including those around them that are privy to all the atrocities of corruption and corrupt enrichment they are perpetrating. How can they for example expect a poor DSS or police officer posted to the presidency or as an aide to any of such greedy and stingy cabal not to use available channels to secretly exposed what he knows about certain happenings at a time he is seeing so much and yet getting virtually nothing except his entitlements that are often being delayed?

So any responsible wife that wishes her husband well especially in the case of President Buhari, taking into consideration his past record of integrity and how virtually the entire nation trusted him in 2015 will perhaps be worried and do even more than what Aisha Buhari is doing today to preserve that hard earned integrity because the burden of whatever the cabal will do under her husband may continue to haunt her family even after he must have exhausted his mandate.

To be continued….


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