Poor Performance/Representation: Coalition Asks, Resign Now Or Face Recall, Coalition Tells Hon. Haruna Maitala

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A Coalition of Vanguards for Change and Good Governance has called on Hon. Haruna Maitala, member representing the good people of Jos- North/Bassa Federal Constituency to resign from office or face a recall process.

The Coalition has also called on the people of the Constituency to join hands together to redeem themselves from the pitiable position of the alleged poor representation of the Constituency by Hon. Maitala has put them, by joining the planned recall if he refuses to resign.

The Coalition in a Press Conference statement alleged that members of the Constituency in the past 300 days, have not seen or heard from their member, (Hon. Maitala) despite the challenges they have been confronted with.

The statement read by, Mr. Richard Godknows, who is one of the leaders of the Coalition, in part reads:

“Shockingly, for over 300 days now since he has been sworn in as the representative of the good people of Jos-North/Bassa Federal Constituency, the constituency has continued to be bedeviled with numerous challenges to which, the Rep. member chose to remain mute and unperturbed.

“In view of the copious public outcry, we as Coalition of Vanguards for Change and Good Governance have been inundated by the good people of Jos North and Bassa with numerous questions which are begging for answers.

“Although the Hon. Member clearly knows that he can’t win another election, he has chosen to remain unperturbed by the concerns of his people.

We call on Hon. Maitala to do the honourable act expected of him to resign from office, as we remain absolutely resolute and determined ( armed with the 1999 constitution and the voice of the constituents) to invoke the necessary constitutional provisions, which the Honourable member has clearly violated.

“We would at this juncture conclude by calling on all constituents of Jos-North/Bassa to come together irrespective of tribe, political party, and religious affiliations to stand against this ineffective representation of Hon. Haruna Maitala and join the Coalition of Vanguards for Change and Good Governance in the movement to recall him on the grounds of POOR REPRESENTATION”.

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