Plateau South Senatorial District Bye-Election Is For Experience Legislator -Hon Daika

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Yakubu Busari

The People Democratic Party Candidate for Plateau Southern Senatorial bye-election, Hon George Daika has said, he is eminently qualified for the seat, given their constitutional standing, the people of Plateau Southern senatorial district need to go for a more qualified candidate to pressure their issues at the red chamber.


Hon Daika while speaking to our correspondent at the Plateau State High Court on Wednesday on solidarity and support the former Governor Jonah David Jang.



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He said that “my people are yearning for a better-renowned technocrat who is interested in politics and welfare of his people to fill the vacant seat at the hallowed chambers of the senate”.



“You would recall that, in a few weeks, on 31 October 2020, the country’s electoral umpire, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has suspended the conduct a by-election for the Plateau South Senatorial district”



Also recalled that in  6 Senatorial and 9 State House of Assembly bye-elections slated to hold on October 31 in 11 states of the Federation has been postponed by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) was suspended.


The vacancy in Plateau south senatorial district was as a result of the death of Senator Ignatius Longjan, adding, this election is to fill in the vacancy created by the death of the erstwhile member, Senator Baba Longjan as a result of sickness, he added.


According to him, many politicians across the party divide began jostling for the tickets of their parties in their bid to secure the senatorial seat for themselves but I am more qualified to hold the seat.


Historically, as an ex-member full of experienced I have a lot to shove aside of overwhelming support to clinch the ticket I know PDP would win, he said.



Daika stressed that the Nigerian Senate is the upper chamber of the country’s legislature, the second arm of government, and, as such, a big institution. This arm of government is charged with the responsibilities of drafting laws for the whole country, considering the budget proposals that are drafted by the executive and, if satisfied, passes such into law, thus making it a legally binding document that the executive must comply with my people are going benefit.



The country, today, is besieged with a lot of issues that require urgent and informed attention, from police brutality to insurgency and militancy; from poor infrastructure to poverty; violent crimes, sexual abuse to corruption in all facets of life, the list goes on and on.


All these issues and more are what the legislature, in general, and the Senate, in particular, could help address, either by passing laws or compelling the relevant personnel or agencies to wake up to their responsibilities.



To put an end to this sort of legislative outing, we must demand and vote only people with knowledge, experience, and character into the legislature. Time is gone when people are voted into the senate because they are good dancers, composers of melodious songs, or for comic relief.



The foregoing eloquently speaks to the talent that Rt Hon George Daika will be bringing to the senate if the electorates in the Plateau South Senatorial district elect me



The electorate in the district should look beyond what pecuniary benefits the eventual winner will bring to them, as these are a given for every winner, but what value the eventual winner would additionally bring to the senate for the betterment of, not just the constituency or the state, but for the whole country.

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