Plateau South Bye-Election: Go Put Your House In Order, You Don’t Have A Candidate, Musa Sati Plateau APC Secretary Tells PDP

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Yakubu Busari

The Secretary of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Plateau State has been described the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as divided, scattered, segmented and they should better go and organize themselves.


As I cannot even identify the PDP that is been referred to,  is it the segmented, divided, scattered party? I urged them to better go and put their house in order.



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The secretary of APC in Plateau state Bashir Sati made the statement in an interview with our correspondent in Jos, the Plateau state capital in reaction to the comment by PDP over the comment on the candidate of the party APC in the forthcoming southern zone senatorial bye-election coming up October 31th, 2020.



The APC secretary said I do not know among the PDP that is speaking right now.


Let them go and put their house in order.


If they are thinking of an easy ride somewhere,  I want to make it clear to them there is no easy ride anywhere, if they think so let meet at the poll.




He further said you cannot reap where you did not sow if PDP thinks they can reap where they didn’t sow,  let meet at the poll.



On how ready is the APC for the senatorial bye-election in the state,  we are fully prepared, that is why you did not see in any division, in fact, we have been able to have lots of issues, that we have been able to package, put them together,  and we now stronger than before.





Remember about four candidates contested for the primary of the party APC with the emergence of the lady Professor Nora Dauut and everybody is now ready to work for the party.



He further added that is why the APC is different from PDP we are now back in one place fully ready to work for the success of the party, which tells you that we are fully prepared.




In fact,  PDP does not have a business going into the election,  how can they go to the election when the delegates can’t identify their candidate for the election. So we are urging the PDP to come for the election and try their luck.



On the alleged internal wrangling within the party(APC) over the emergence of professor Nora as not a card-carrying member of the party, he said, Really,  I am just getting that news from you, for the avoidance of doubt,  let me say this categorically that Dauut is not a member of APC, who then the member of APC?


There is a hierarchy within the member of the party if they said she is not a member of that hierarchy which is a different ball game altogether.



That Nora is not a member of the organizational structure of the party is a different ball game.



If you are talking of ward exco, local government exco, state exco that is a different game altogether.



A card-carrying member of a party goes through the primaries, screening,  committee attested to the fact that yes, she is a duly qualified member of the party, has a membership card of the party, what else are we talking about, how else do you identified membership of a party, is it written on the forehead that I am a member of a political party?



The easiest way to identify is through membership card,  I am the custodian of all the documents of the party as the secretary of the party in the state, I am telling you now that she is a full-fledged member of the party.



But as a custodian of the documents of the party,  she is a member of the party, base on her participation,  on the activities of the party, I believe she is a member of the party.



On the recent statement accredited to the former president Olusegun Obasanjo that the country is more divided under president Buhari than any other president the country ever produced,  he said,

Let me make it clear this an opinion, Obasanjo is the former president of this country,  and he is entitled to his opinion,  if for any reason,  he decides to say what he is saying,  he is entitled to his opinion by virtue of being a Nigerian and one-time president of this country.


If he holds an opinion and feels that is what is happening, fine and good.



We on the opinion that yes, there are challenges, some of them are natural challenges but I  believe with time , most of these challenges will be surmountable.


I did not see challenges that are posed to this country Nigeria and Nigerians would not be able to stand up together as a nation and able to work  it together “No”


There may be difficulties, here and there,  but we are equal to the tasks we can surmount it.


On the plans, his party has put in place to surmount the teething problems, he said, It is a gradual process when problems want to come, they come at ones, but the solutions are a gradual process.


If you look at it, there are cries of food crises in the country, a hike in the electricity tariff, and an increase in the fuel price.


So with time most of these things will come to pass.


Take, for example,  the food crisis is becoming a matter of the past because now harvest is coming out. Yesterday I was reading in the newspaper, that food price in Kano has crashed.


Gradually the price of goods will crash and life will become easier for citizens and affordable.


Even the increase of the tariff of electricity and hike in the fuel pump price will soon be a matter of the past because all Nigerians are putting their hands on deck to found a lasting solution to the problems.


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