Plateau NUT Chairman Comrade Ayuba Gana Expresses Confidence In The Quality Of Teachers In Plateau

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Yakubu Busari

As the 30th October 2020, mark for the resumption of public and private schools in Nigeria, the Plateau State Chapter of the Nigeria Union of Teachers, NUT, Comrade Ayuba  Gana has expressed the readiness of the teachers to resume the second term and also commending government for the quality of teachers employed.



Speaking to our correspondent at the Nigerian civil service Union, Plateau state Secretariat, No 2 Fidelis Tapgun road opposite State High Court on Monday.


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Speaking on the e-learning materials which the state government introduce for pupils and students are now subjected to during this  COVID-19 outbreak, Comrade Gana described the system as ineffective, saying it is elitist in nature considering the fact most of the students couldn’t afford the necessary garget to assessed their lectures.



He lamented that “take a look at the village where I came from you can’t receive Radio or Television signals but now how will you expect a village child to participate in a live program and secondly the issue of internet connection and buying of radio batteries  “.



Comrade Ayuba explained that the issue of recruitment of cracks as teachers into the teaching profession under the present regime is not true, saying that is no more in the state , we follow the proper channel of recruitment protocol to ensure that those have prerequisite qualification are employed.


He said, that there is more to it that the government didn’t want the general public to know about it because most the public places are open for business now while schools remain shut down for the fear of pandemics.


He said the suspension of a nationwide strike by the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, was based on a concrete agreement reach with the federal government in resolving the problems associated with hike electricity and subsidy.



He said the reason why NLC, TUC plan to embark on an indefinite strike was to ensure that meters are provided to all households for them to enjoy electricity at a lower tariff.


Comrade Gana disclosed that the subsidy removal has not yielded any positive result, however, in any agitation there is a condition attach to it in resolving but the suspension of the nationwide strike midnight show we are moving towards resolving it.


According to him, we have gotten a percentage of what the Union is agitating for but if you listen, we want meters to be provided for Nigerian to reduce the estimated billing of citizens.

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