Plateau Govt Frowns At People Flouting Fed, State Order On Covid-19

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Yakubu Busari

The attention of the Plateau State Government has been drawn to the flagrant disregard to government orders with regards to  Corona Virus (COVID-19).


Notable is the Presidential order which imposed a curfew on the country lasting between 8.00 p.m. to 6.00 a.m each day.


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Dan Manjang, Honourable Commissioner of Information and Communication, Plateau State disclosed this to media in Jos.


Manjang stated that, ” It is  in this light therefore,  that the Plateau State Government issues this reminder that the curfew so imposed is still in force and should be strictly observed until otherwise reviewed,  failure of which culprits should have themselves to blame”.



Furthermore, the state government hereby reminds it’s citizen that the wearing of masks is mandatory and should be ruthlessly enforced by the  security agents saddled which such responsibility.



He said Government has also utterly noted with  dismay,  an emerging culture which negates all intents and purposes in the name of jogging where people come out in their hundreds with total disregard to not only social distancing but in defiance of the lock down order.



According to him, government would like to   advice those involved to desist failure of which this act will be treated as an affront to constituted authority.


He revealed that there are many ways you can exercise yourself without provocation and or testing the will of government.


Adding, government means well for its citizens at all times but it will not fold its  arms and watch its orders being disregarded with ignominy.


Let us team up with government in this fight against the pandemic that is threatening to  engulf mankind.

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