Plateau Government Issues Red Cards To Criminals In Jos North LGA

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Yakubu Busari

The secretary of Jos North Local Government Area of Plateau State, Hon Shehu Usman has said government had employed stringent measure to tackle problems associated with illicit drugs and crimes in Jos North.

Usman explained that; “our achievement are visible, one of the achievements is the issue of security , this is the first agenda which is very sensitive and is been tackled by the government.

According to him, the Local Government set up committee towards tackling the security situation between the Berom and the Fulani herdsmen which ravaged the state, so for the first time a peace pact was signed through the House of Assembly. I am very proud to say that issue of security is now thing of the past.

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Another issue is that the bailout we received from the federal government, we have used it judiciously to pay the arrears of workers and by now every worker in the state is happy the way salaries are paid and thing are moving fine.

Now when we go back to issues of education and employment, there are two issues in the sense that the state government has done in employing the teachers and tackle the issue of education in such a way that the educational sector has been one of its achievements.

Plateau state has been able to employ about 5,600 teachers across the state which 300 teachers are represented including Jos North LGA.

On the issue of infrastructures the government has done so well to commission some of the completed project such as the Maza road was commissioned last year and government inherited some of the projects of the previous administration.

We completed the projects because we believe that we have to embark on all uncompleted ones since is for the benefit of the state ,based on the reason that they have a direct bearing in the lives of the common man.

The Angwan Rogo and Angwan Rimi roads are under construction and so many others at the Tudun Wada and the Nigeria Standard road linking Terminus market, so these are the physical infrastructure that you can see and testify.

This Lalong administration tend to give more emphasize on the need of the people, we diverted the funds into needful and scrutinize the activities of government to see that funds are being properly managed.

I am proud and very bold to say that fertilizers are distributed  timely and the farmers have gotten it .We have farmers being part of constituted committees who distributed the fertilizers and some of them are representative from FADAMA, the fertilizers was distributed irrespective of party affiliations and is being distributed by the recommendations set in place.

Kidnappers are using a motivational factor in the assassination of people which is very bad and we are calling on parents to actually see the way they handle their children, so that they will have a proper responsibility upon the children for the betterment of the society.

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