Plateau Elders Warn Jang Against Imposition Of A Du Candidate By Yakubu Busari,Jos

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Elders in Plateau State have roundly criticized the State Governor Jonah David Jang over the Choice of his Successor in 2015.
They subsequently rejected the Candidates of Senator Gyang Nyam Pwajok from his own Du village to swap his seat for Governor at the National Assembly.

Senator Gyang Pwajok who currently represents Plateau Northern. Senatorial District in Abuja is said to have been chosen by governor Jang against the wishes of the elders in the state.
Some  of the elders strongly opposed to the political arrangements in the state  condemned it.
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Senator Venmark Dangi, Second Republic  governor Fidelis N Tapgun,former Governor now Senator Joshua Dariye,one time Gubernatorial aspirant Mrs. Pauline Tallen and Engineer Jimmy Jetto are elders who jointly condemned the move.

In an exclusive with Journalists  over the development in Jos Engineer Chetto who is also jostling for the governorship in the state said “now it is  causing bad blood across the three senatorial zones of the state.

The elders who cut across all the political parties expressed their disgust and warned the Ruling Party “from the dangers of such imposition tendencies of the state Governor Jonah David Jang and his action“

Also, elders from the Governors village has further joined the condemnation in a press statement published in advertorial caption,“the inconsiderable Glamour for power Du. People are stoked fear of hatred and Rejection of Du incidents at home, civil Service and Public service“

According to the elders , Du people are never in support of such a political arrangement after their Son rule the state for eight years without a state of Emergency as witnessed in the past.

They are therefore urging the people of the state to reject the imposition by the. Governor in deciding who becomes the next governor in 2015.

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