Plateau Deputy Speaker, Yipmong Commends Buhari For Honoring June 12

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Yakubu Busari


The President, Muhammadu Buhari has received commendation by the Plateau State Deputy Speaker Rt Hon Shehu Saleh Yipmong for his visionary leadership style of honouring June 12 which has to earn him democratic history in African politics.


Hon. Yipmong gave this commendation at his residence Jos on Tuesday.


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He called on the president to carry along all those who stood firm for the struggle like Shehu Sani, former Governor of Kaduna state, Dr. Balarabe Musa, Pa Enahoro and others prominent people who kept the struggle.


Hon yipmong said the issue of June 12 came very late because this should have come earlier than now; however, it is better late than never considering the political journey.


According to him, the 1993 general elections when you read through the history, then, I was not up to the voting age but where there is history kept for us we all had windows of opportunity to either read on newspapers, television and books.


He disclosed that the June 12 saga has been through a very difficult journey where a lot of people fall out of believing that nothing but some few groups kept moving who truly believed today the victory is achieved.


Shehu Saleh reiterated that the journey of Nigeria’s success of democracy can’t be completed without mentioning June 12 when Muslim /Muslim ticket symbolizes love for the tenets.


However, he explained further that the June 12 brought the entire nation together but the military junta truncated the peaceful exercise the system was described as unfortunate for those who did that are still trying to destroy this country.

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