Plateau Assembly Set Up Committee To Look Into Remote And Immediate Cause(s) Of Attacks

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In a swift response to the recent attacks in some Local Government Areas in Plateau state, the Plateau State House of Assembly (PLHA) has set up a committee to look into the remote and immediate causes of the violent attacks.

The committee is to be referred to as, “Special Committee on Peace and Security on the Recent Violent Attacks on Some Communities in Some Parts of Barkin-Ladi, Riyom, Bokkos, and Jos-South Local Government Areas and the Yan Sara Suka Cult Group in Jos-North Local Government Area”.

The Committee is to be chaired by Rt. Hon. Yusuf Gagdi, with Tanko S. Lawatla, as the Secretary. Other members of the Committee include, Hon. Amos Kumtul, Hon. Abdul Adamu Yanga, Hon. Ezekiel B. Afon, Hon. Yahaya Mayo, Hon. Eric P. Dakogol and Hon. Jacob N. Kassam.

The Terms of Reference given to the Committee by the House, include; To investigate the remote and immediate cuases of the violent attacks in some communities of Barkin Ladi, Riyom, Bokkos, Mangu and Jos South; To investigate the activities of Sara-Suka and other Cult Groups in Ibrahim Katsina Ward abd othe parts of Jos North Local Government Area; To identify persons or individuals involved in all the violent conflicts in the areas mentioned above; To identify all Communities affected by the violence; To ascertain the level of destruction on all such communities affected; To make recommendations for possible solutions and or legislations that will curtail future occurrence; Any other incidental recommendations that the Committee may deem fit.

Source: realitynewspaper

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