Plateau ADP Mourns And Condemns 250 Deaths In Barkin /Ladi, Mangu, Riyom, Bassa, Bokkos

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Chief Amb Nanyah Andrew Daman,the Plateau State Chairman of the Action Democratic Party(ADP) has disclosed that the party  has joined millions worldwide to mourn and totally condemned the killing of more than two hundred and fifty defenceless innocent children, women and men in the state within a span of three consecutive days beginning from Friday, Saturday and Sunday by the Fulani herdsmen terrorists with the military doing little or nothing.

We mourn with the immediate family members and the entire people over this unprovoked carnage and genocide.

This killings by the Fulani herdsmen terrorists apart from the Dogo-Nahauwa is the worst in the history of the cool blooded murder in Plateau State,yet the APC led Government in the state is celebrating in far away Abuja in the name of a convention instead of declaring curfew to scale down the killings.

We are heartbroken because a serious Government would have cut short whatever it is doing to come home and address the issues.

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This is the second most deadly and wickedly executed massacre and genocide against the people of Plateau State in the recent past in the four days of consistent mowing down of children,women and men by Fulani herdsmen terrorists in Gashish,Kuzen,Gindin Akwati,SOM-CAPRO School of Mission Gana Ropp,Ex-land,Razat,Ruku,Nyarr and Heipang all in B/Ladi LGA,,Mangu LGA,Bassa LGA,Riyom LGA and Bokkos LGA of the state totalling more than two hundred and fifty deaths and still counting.

For the dastardly killings to go on unabated and unchecked for four consecutive days means that the entire security architecture in Nigeria today is defective, questionable and one sided Or else why will the security agencies allow such carnage on defenceless citizens? Rumours were rife that soldiers on illegal duties were brought from Kaduna 1 Division to help the Fulani herdsmen terrorists and there was a confirmation by survivors that persons in military uniforms were sighted in a white Hilux assisting the Fulanis.

For the unabated killing and violence against our people, we strongly call on President Muhammadu Buhari who came on the mantra of Security, Corruption and Economic recovery to immediately sack and replace all the service chiefs and their paramilitary counterparts for allowing foreigners and the Fulani herdsmen terrorists to kill and maim defenceless children, women and men for four consecutive days unabated.

The President should also as a matter of urgency visit Plateau and the killing fields to see for himself the destruction and the killing of innocent Nigerians he swore to protect and secure or else the Gen.TY Danjuma solution may be considered.

In conclusion, we are calling on President Donald Trump, the UN, International Community, CSOs and NGOs to come to the aid of affected communities in Plateau, Kaduna, Zamfara, Taraba, Benue, Nasarawa States .

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