PLACCA Decried High Concentration Of Health Practitioners In Urban Centre

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The Executive Director PLACCA Dr. Pam Magaji has said, the high concentration of Nigerian health  workers  in urban area of the state headquarters hamper the progress of  the system.

Speaking to Journalists at the Plateau state Water board Tudun Wada ,Jos ,he said our pharmaceutical industrial sector  is  not fully developed ,the country depend mostly on the foreign countries for supply of  drugs such as India which their drugs are fake and sometimes people abuse the use of this drugs.
Magaji also revealed that all the tertiary health care personnel are found in the northern parts of the state which a large chuk of health care practitioners concentrate in Jos without any in the rural areas .
He noted that ,we can’t decentralized the health facilities to reach the people at the grass root so government can’t assured of good health care or drugs ,as the country import drugs we appeal that man power should also be brought in to enhance and prevent the movement of people flying for abroad treatment.
The Executive director lamented that Nigeria is sick we are still suffering from global insecurity threat that is hampering the progress of health practitioners.
Magaji decried that the fresh conduct on survey on HIV/AIDS in plateau state has been  triple since 2008 result of 2.6 percent the two years intervals which in 2011 we had recordings 7.7 percent .
According to him ,the recent research conducted shows there’s high increase in number of infected persons and government is particularly interested in seeing how to control the spread of the disease among the youth.
 Plateau state director said HIV/AIDS result is reversing compare to the previous achievement recorded in the past 10 years ,almost all the states in Nigeria are having their health care centres within the headquarters with none in rural community.
He slammed government that the HIV/AIDS intervention won’t unless government built hospital in rural areas.
Dr Magaji applauded the federal government for increasing the number of universities teaching hospital that help to reduce privilege HIV /AIDS in the country.
He emphasized further that the concentration of medical assessment in city centre led to bad record if only we all the people at the local community to have assess global medical facilities

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