PIDAN Urges Herdsmen  To Stop Incessant Killings ,Attacks On Communities 

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Yakubu Busari


A group under aegis of Plateau Initiative for Development and Advancement of the Natives- (PIDAN) has condemned the resurgence of incessant attacks on communities by herdsmen on the Plateau- a cause of great concern.


PIDAN,  the umbrella organization that coordinates the activities of autochthonous communities development associations on the Plateau, is worried and sad with the continued resurgence of incessant and serial attacks of communities on the Plateau by suspected Fulani militia.


In a press statement signed by the President Dr. Aboi over the weekend in Jos, Plateau state capital said it is highly condemnable the resurgence of attacks that was first noted on the eve of Mr. President’s visit to Plateau in Daffo in Bokkos LGA, continued in Irigwe land in Bassa over the weeks and finally extended to Dong Kasa in Jos-North.


While on  Thursday March 22., 2018 night attack on Dong Kasa was said to have left  3 youths death,  leaving several others injured, he added.


PIDAN commiserates with the families of those who lost their beloved ones and pray that the souls of the departed rest in perfect peace as well as wish the injured fast recoveries

We however,  note that the systematic execution of the attacks, the increasing number of casualties and the progressive destruction of ready-for harvest dry season farmlands in the affected communities with great concern.


“We are forced to ask that given the current scenario  ‘Is Plateau State  under siege by the Herdsmen?’ ,

While we condemn these series of unproved attacks in all its entirety, we  call on appropriate government agencies and security operatives make concerted efforts to put a stop to this wanton destruction of lives and property”.


“We commend the steps taken so far by government to stern the attacks and call on it to foot the medical bills of the injured and provide logistics, through SEMA to those who survived the attacks in the three communities of Daffo, Irigwe and Dong Kasa to enable them reintegrate well and quickly”. the statement reads .


“We are aware that Nigerians living on the Plateau are very religious and neither the Bible nor the Qur’an equates the life of an animal with that of human being”, Dr Aboi says.


“We however find it difficult to understand why a Herdsman will kill a farmer or any person under the pretense of cattle rustling.


PIDAN wish to appeal to all the umbrella organizations of the Fulani on the Plateau to ensure they educate their members to respect the sanctity of life as enshrined in the holy books and seek legal means of addressing cattle rustling instead of wanton killings of innocent citizens.


We view the orchestrated attacks on communities with resultant destruction of lives, houses and farmlands as a grand design to render the agrarian villagers weak and dispossess them of their ancestral farmlands, as has been the case in Riyom and Barkin Ladi LGAs where some community settlements are now occupied by the militia.


We appeal for calm in the affected communities and call on them to be vigilant, share relevant information within them and report appropriately any suspicious movements of people, especially those suspected to be new in their respective communities.


We further appeal to the state government, to re- strategize it’s security architecture with the view to put an end to further attacks by the militia in line with its peace agenda and stop further loss of lives of innocent peace loving people of the state.


Such action will go a long way to promote peace and unity in the State.

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