Photos: Vice President Yemi Osinbajo Meets Winners Of The Dreamers Project

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On January 19, 2018- 15 Primary 6 winners of the 2017 Dreamers Project across selected public primary schools in Abuja had an extraordinary time meeting and listening to Vice President HE Yemi Osinbajo share his childhood dreams and tips on designing the future. The session began with remarks by the Founder of R2S Africa, Simi Fajemirokun who introduced the Dreamers Projects and the participants in the room.

The meeting with the Vice President was an interactive session where students asked the Vice President questions such as does he have a vision board? Was he ever uncertain about his future and why did he venture into politics? The Vice President responded that he doesn’t have a vision board but he does have a board where he writes quotes that inspire him. One of such quotes he shared was ‘Not by Spirits but by men and women’ which basically refers to the task of building Nigeria will not be done by spirits but by men and women working hard. He also shared with the students that at primary 6 he always wanted to be a lawyer.

See Photos Below:

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