Photos: DASH The best hospital in Nasarawa state stinks!

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frontview_statureA look at the website of Dalhatu Araf Specialist Hospital in Lafia the Nasarawa State Capital,  will show fine Photo gallery of the Hospital, possibly a picture taken when it was newly built and commissioned. However an independent investigation conducted by a visitor to the Dalhatu Araf Specialist Hospital, DASH, shows that the hospital stinks, as those fine pictures seen in the website is not what is obtainable on ground.  The visitor stated thus; “Last week I was in Nasarawa state for two days.

What took me there?

I was working on a project at the State’s Specialist Hospital in Lafia. This is the BEST hospital in Nasarawa state.

Was I surprised to find out that water doesn’t flow in pipes in the hospital?

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12189889_10153625807104020_6216400586723366614_nAt the Maternity ward and Special Care Baby Unit they have these containers in front of the ward where local water vendors called Mai Ruwa sell water to the hospital @ N50 per Jerry can.

This is the source of water for nursing mothers and their babies in the best hospital in Nasarawa state.

11221282_10153625805774020_5766323017326705675_nThe visitor also stated that when he beamed flashlight on the plight of patients caregivers and the risk of nosocomial: Nosocomial is real and it kills! He said.

“While at the hospital, I called a friend who is a Consultant Obstetrician. He asked me to meet him at the Special Care Baby Unit.

When I got there, the putrid stench from the ward made me not to go inside. I decided to wait for him on the corridor. Jesus Christ! I can’t breathe! I feel like throwing up!!! People spit on the wall! The whole place stinks!

This is not good! This is a perfect breeding ground for nosocomial and other life threatening hospital acquired infections like pneumonia, tuberculosis et al.”

12189544_10153626040779020_2450408050230845185_nWriting further he said; “ Often times when patients are sick and admitted in a hospital facility, there are usually family members who stay in the hospital and look after them.

Do the hospital go out of their way to protect caregivers from contracting hospital acquired infections and becoming sick before their wards are discharged from the hospital?

A picture they say, speaks a thousand words. Am short of words, so permit me to leave you with these set of pictures that tells the story of patients caregivers on admission in the best state owned hospital in Nasarawa state.

Pathetic to say the least! The nature of my job have taken me round most hospital in over 20 states of Nigeria from the North Central, North West, South South, South East and South West in a career for 10 years now. I have seen things and I tell you, these pictures are far from the worst that I have seen with my two eyes.”













Source: Sunday Akoji


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