PDP Congresses In Plateau Same As Military Coup Plot

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Hon Emmanuel MACHAM JP an aspirant to the State Executive of the chapter has described the purported State Congress staged on 29th, August 2020, as a rehearsal of a civilian coup plot against Democracy.


MACHAM while addressing his supporters in Jos Plateau State capital said, that the purported Congress is a direct dictatorship meted on innocent law-abiding PDP faithful and innocent promoters of Democratic processes.


He described the process as provocative and a very big abuse of human rights and direct infringement on lawful members of the party, adding that even in a banana republic such daylight violation of a constitution of a well-established structure cannot be done in that manner.


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Hon Macham further stated that the purported exercise falls completely short of the party’s constitution and the 2020 guidelines of the Congresses organized nationwide.


“It is unacceptable, and will undergo stages of resistance politically, legally and otherwise”, Macham said.


He revealed that we have twenty-three (23) aspirants who legally purchased PDP Nomination Forms and were never invited for screening and another twenty-five (25)who were invited to a hotel for purported screening without the results displayed as outlined in the party guidelines.


“None of these aspirants has ever gotten an invitation for any meeting or briefing ahead of the purported Congress”, he reiterated.


The party’s faithful just woke up with news of alleged State Congress on social media, without any formal invitation from the organizers of the Congress despite fulfilling all the party conditions attached to anybody willing to participate.


Surprisingly a caretaker committee was dispatched to Plateau State on 26th, August with a specific mandate to reconcile lingering issues within the State Chapter before scheduling State Congress, but the committee was later overpowered with directives to conduct state purported Congresses despite having several critical issues on the ground.


It is a deliberate use of force to oppress legitimate and die heart party faithful by some selfish individuals who are midwifing 2023 elections. This will surely be stiffly resisted.


Macham stated that the votes allocated to him and several others in our absence can be pointed to an attempt to legitimize the illegal process.


“I learned that agents were also allocated to us and I wonder who could have risked himself volunteering to be our agents without our approval.


Macham said that the spirit is very high within the group and all hands are on deck to ensure this charade is challenged, using every available legal means.


The Party has respected leaders and strong party faithful who have declared the support for things to be put right adding that what is happening with PDP in the State is certainly not what the founding fathers of the party bargained for.


He called on all the party faithful never to give up in their support for the party, though it is actually a very hard trying moments for us.


A party in opposition requires leaders with an understanding of what it takes for a party in opposition to bounce back than the complete thirst for selfishness and allocation of future positions, Macham said.


Hon Emmanuel Macham JP purchased the Nomination Form to contest for the position of State Publicity Secretary, Plateau State.

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