PDP Automatic Ticket To Jonathan Is Undemocratic Says Atiku

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Ex- Vice President, Atiku Abubakar has slammed the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) automatic ticket to Jonathan as unconstitutional. According to Atiku he said he rejects the policy of “consensus arrangement” and “adoption” instead of an apparent election to elect a candidate for all elective offices which also includes the presidency.
In a statement by Atiku’s Media Office in Abuja, the former Vice President said that the belief for which he has always stand against what he termed as “travesty of democracy” has never changed since then.

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According to Atiku he said; “My position remains that as far as PDP Constitution is concerned, any attempt to change the party’s rule to favour the President as a sole candidate in the event of his willingness to re-contest is unconstitutional. The contest should be open to all desiring to pursue an ambition on the platform of the PDP.”
Atiku said that even though the President has the right to seek for the ticket of the party in 2015, the Ex-president insisted that President Jonathan should yield himself to a just and visible procedure like any other member of the party.
By closing the avenue for free and fair way of choosing  its presidential candidate, the former Vice President said that the Party may sending a wrong signal to Nigerian people that it cannot conduct free and fair election for its citizens.

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