PDM Posters Flood Niger State

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Thousands of Posters belonging to one of the newly registered political party by INEC-PDM, the Peoples Democratic Movement have flooded Niger State.

The logo of the Party with Torchlight as its symbol has the slogan of “From Darkness to Light” on the English version of the pasted posters while that of the Hausa PDM carries the inscription “MARABA PDM! HASKE MAGANIN DUHU!
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Investigations carried out by our reporter revealed that the posters emergence right from Maddalla has spread through Minna the State Capital, Bida, Agaie, Lapai, Mokwa, Kontagora, Rijau, Mashegu and other Local Government Areas in the State.
Meanwhile the arrival of the PDM as a political Party in Niger State has been well received by many Political bigwigs, youths and women organization because according to them the PDM is the only alternative for the actualization of the Political dream of a better Nigeria and Niger State in particular

According to them, they embrace the PDM as a party because they believe it is the only Political Party that can halt the present political, economic, social, security and educational drift currently being faced by Nigeria as a Nation. 

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