Osun Guber Case: Stop Dropping President’s Names, Group Warns Politicians

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A civil society group, the Guardian of Democracy and Development Initiative, has warned certain APC chieftains to stop dropping President Muhammadu Buhari’s names in their quest to influence and corrupt the Supreme Court in its forthcoming judgment slated for July 5.


Addressing a press conference in Abuja on Thursday ,the Executive Director of the group,Comrade Charles Ibiang flanked by other members of the group said “we call you here today to raise alarm over threat to our nascent democracy by some anti-democratic forces who are bent in dragging the name of President Muhammadu Buhari in the mud. We are here assembled to alert Nigerians that some politicians are scheming to truncate the wheel of justice at the Supreme Court over the ongoing litigation on Osun governorship.


“As a civil society group with a deep interest in the protection and deepening of our democratic culture, we view with trepidation ongoing moves to harass and intimidate the judiciary on Osun gubernatorial judgment.Reports we read and hear in public space indicated that some politicians are dropping the names of President Muhammadu Buhari to compel lord justices to do their bidding. If this is true, this constitutes a great disservice to the rule of law and a threat to this nascent democracy.


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“We are aware that President Buhari had publicly tasked the judiciary to perform her roles without fear or favour. We have also read in many publications the declaration of the Chief Justice of Nigeria,Tanko Muhammed, to do justice no matter whose ox is gored. These are a great commitment which has rekindled hope and faith of many citizens in the democratic society. We hold our leaders accountable for their declaration. It was for this that we condemn any attempt to repress and oppress the judiciary to serve partisan political ends.


“We also consider very reprehensibly any attempt to disrupt constitution based adjudication of Osun governorship tussle. Osun case is in the eye of the whole world from the beginning till now. Nigerians and democratic world are expecting nothing but justice for the winner of that election. Any attempt to truncate justice delivery is going to undermine the democratic standing of the nation and that of the Presidency. We particularly called on President Muhammadu Buhari to stop those forces dropping his names for anti-democratic purpose. The President has a duty to repeat his admonition that the judiciary is free to conduct its activities according to the law and constitution of the land.


“The President has set a standard and he must compel his party men to observe the rule of law and allow the judiciary to do its work. Osun case is beyond partisan considerations. It is about deepening of the national democratic culture. Ademola Adeleke of the PDP won that election and the judiciary should not be witch hunted to derail justice. Justice must be allowed to be done; it is the way to further legitimize the administration and assure citizens of democratic gains and prosperity.


“We call on all well-meaning Nigerians to take note of this imminent threat to democracy occasioned by the plot to derail justice delivery. We must be careful not to force citizens to resort to self-help.


“We must assure the citizens that remedies exist in the hall of the judiciary”, the group said, adding “we have faith that President Buhari will rein those anti-democratic forces. Judiciary must be allowed to do its job”, the group concluded.

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