Open Letter To Labaran Maku By Rabiu Omaku

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I was forced to response to the speech of the former minister of Information, Labaran Maku at Wakma, his country and at Manyi Hotel, Lafia, Maku where he said the following:
1.  Nigerian leaders continued to recycle positions,
2. He again said it is only in Nigeria that people above 70 years are hell bent to governed the country
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3. While in Nasarawa state he described the state as a graveyard for good leaders
4. He said 2015 is the time for Nasarawa North to rule the state
5. He said Muslims has been ruling since the creation of Nasarawa state
6. Maku opined that the Government of Nasarawa state hired mercenaries to killed Eggons
7. He averred that Eggons and Fulani dine and wine together in Wakma and Nasarawa Local Government presently
8. People of questionable characters, novice in the political scene (people from shop) are hand-picked to govern the state
9. President has done his best in Nasarawa state campaigning for Goodluck Jonathan.
My response will focus on the following; Nasarawa was state created on 1/10/1996 by late General Sani Abacha, it produces her first elected governor on 29/5/1999, Maku was brought into limelight sometimes 2000-2001 by his mentor and godfather Solomon Ewuga.
He was appointed as a commissioner of Information and was later on elevated to the status of a Deputy Governor and was again appointed by the president as a minister of the federal Republic of Nigeria, representing the people of Nasarawa, Labaran Maku was a beneficiary of appointments from 2000-2003-2014 is this not recycling of position by few.
The erstwhile minister to be precise reacting on the candidature of General Buhari, Age shouldn’t be a yardstick to decide who rule the nation, Nigeria desirable a virile and able leadership but not rogues and cult members to steer the mantle of power.
Point of correction Mr Maku, You said the state is a graveyard for good leaders, Thank God you are part of the past government, If the successive regime failed the people, you are also a failure.
Labaran Maku sir, It was during the former regime of ex- governor, Abdullahi Adamu that he  directed that  all Local Government employees to go back to their Local Council of Origin, This seriously affect your kinsmen, The Eggons but you failed to resign or advice the government on the peril of the directive.
During the past administration there was tribal war in Toto between Igbira and Bassa, A crisis that lasted for over three years; there was a political rumpus in Toto that led to the killing of a female commissioner, Maimuna Katai.
Again it is your time that the monarch of Adudu was killed by Tiv’s leading to ethnic crisis in Awe Local Government, The wave of Awe rumpus was replicated in Lafia as Barrister Akaka escaped death by the whisker.
Mai Akuya crisis happen during the electioneering campaign of Akwe Doma led by your boss, Abdullahi Adamu.
 The state witnessed another round of skirmishes between Fulani pastoralist and Afo (Ayile) in Nasarawa Local Government where over 200 people were killed and houses razed down.
There was crisis between Migili and Eggon in Angwan Yakubu, there was kingship crisis in Doma Local Government leading to the death of scores, and there was also Farmers/Tiv clash in Doma Local Government.
Oga you also said Eggons and Fulani’s are dining and winning in Wakma and Nasarawa Eggon peacefully, Sir what effort have you put in place to curtail the rising spate of ethnic and communal crisis as a former minister, Eggons and Fulani are not dining  and winning but rubbing shoulders and inter-marriage with each other, As an elder statesman on no occasion that you summoned a meeting between the warring communities ,The state governor summon series of peace meeting intermittently but you were always absent.
 Mr. minister where were you when the 6km realignment of Akwanga -Lafia highway took over four years?, That project was just a conduit pipe to divert money by anybody having hands in the shabby deal, This is the same road that linked south-eastern states, Though for the Senate President uses his chopper to fly from his abode in Abuja to his Otukpo Villa, That road still needs extra work especially around the two sharp bends along Akwanga-Nasarawa Eggon.
 You served in the Information ministry but NTA Lafia is lacking access road, a road that is not up to 2km from Tudun Amba junction.
It was during your time that the transmitter of Precious F.M Lafia went off for over a month, without a rethink that you are serving the people of Nasarawa state, Instead you only assisted your relatives with appointment at News Agency Of Nigeria (NAN).
You are representing Nasarawa state but Nasarawa-Toto federal highway remains a death trap for road users.
One week after you were appointed the over-seeing Minister of Defence your kinsmen raided Assakio  for the third time with weapons, brand new Hilux van with chain saw bulldozing houses and falling down trees ,This happen even when the Commission of Inquiry into Alakyo killings was ongoing.
Honorable Minister (former)  as an Information manager you need to preach peace not  creating acrimony amongst the people by bringing religious issues, Maku was insinuating that  a Muslim from Keffi zone was elected on two consecutive times, my oga you wine and dine  with the devil, Whether we like it or not one day a Christian from the minority tribe of Mada or Aki will govern this state, It happens in Kaduna state and is happening in Benue state, The Tivs has been ruling  even since when IBB was the military president to date, bloodletting should be seen as barbaric and anti-people at this century.
Our Eggon brothers are refugees in their land, Maku your speech may bring about religious crisis in the state, Why do you pick your deputy Ibrahim Habu ,A muslim from Obi Local Government, Why don’t you pick an Eggon from Lafia ? Did your deputy have electoral value to deliver Nasarawa South? If yes can APGA tour the state peacefully, Can APGA penetrate Obi peacefully, Have the people of Obi, Assakio, Tudun Adubu forgotten soon what happen to them? Your ambition should be forgotten to 2019 if Al-Makura return to Government House in next month election but if the PDP clinch the governorship seat, Mr.Maku would forget his ambition until 2022 because Agabi would not serve for one term, And by 2022 age would not be on the side of Labaran Maku and Solomon Ewuga.
The PDP governorship primaries has come and gone but the permutation surrounding the outcome of the free and fair primary election was turned down by the desperate Maku who accused the party at the state executive level for manoeuvring the result of the primaries that return Yusuf Muhammed Agabi as the party flag bearer.
The ambitious minister dragged the party that made him who he was to the mud, He accused the state executive of the party   in the state for hiding party delegates during the primaries held at Nasarawa Local Government, and He also described the state as a graveyard of good leaders
Maku lamented that Eggon people were attacked at will by people identified as fulani mercenaries—whether we like it or not we must commend governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura for organising peace summit for consecutive times but majority of our stakeholders turn down the peace summit, both from the Alago and Eggon side, the tribe mostly at the centre of the crisis did not attend the peace summit, How can we have an everlasting peace when politics takes the centre-stage?
Labaran Maku promised the people of the state an everlasting peace today but has never attended or sends an emissary or representative to peace talk, that statement was a mouth pouring statement
We must respect human being, toddlers were killed in Igaah, People in their multitudes butchered to death in Ana (Burum-Burum) including the Monarch, Migili were killed in Jenkwe, selected houses burned down by Ombotse.
The unfolding happenings in Doma and other environs by Fulani mercenaries was all behind the outbreak of ethnic cleansing of Ombatse, This gives the Fulani warriors the leverage to attack at will, Alago in my community that use to harvest cassava at farm now paid for the transportation of fresh cassava to town while those that planted yam have to bargain with the Fulani’s before allowing them harvest their farm produce, What a pathetic moment?.
Laraban Maku should remember that he has been enjoying the goodwill of the people he is representing since 2000 to 2014
Why was Maku trying to re-write the political history of the state,we are keen watchers and players ,we keep records and it should be straight and concise.
Again Ewuga was elected as senator and his junior brother David Embugadu from the same Local Government but nobody complain about the happenings.
God bless Nasarawa state

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