Oops! They Hacked Our Change Again

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Mukhtar Muhammad

The subject of this article was triggered by the recent resignation of Alh. Shehu Barau Ningi, the Honourable Commissioner for Budget and Panning of Bauchi State.

Barau a Member of the Bauchi state executive council in a letter he wrote to the Bauchi State Governor titled “Notification of Resignation of My Appointment” blasted governor Muhammad Abdullahi Abubakar for disallowing enabling environment for his appointees to serve effectively. Barau added that the governor does not listen anybody except illustrates and sycophants who only tells him what he want to hear. He also said Governor Abubakar has adopted a hostile, intimidating and aggressive posture that scares all the sundry from telling good, honest and sincere advice. He also said the governor has sidelined some people who worked for the success of his party.

Looking at the Barau Ningi’s letter passionately expressing himself on how Governor Muhammad Abdullahi Abubakar runs Bauchi State left me cringing. Reading the paragraphs, I realised Barau was alerting Bauchi citizens that Governor Abubakar has ushered a new trend that signaled the collapse of Bauchi state.

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Barau Ningi might have stroked a nail at the head of GMA’s administration, but his letter is actually a deafening echo of what we’ve been saying for ages about Governor Abubakar. When I first raised an alarm that Governor Muhammad Abdullahi Abubakar returned with the same old problems barely a year after the governor took the oath of office, I received all manners of insults, invectives and in some extent threats. Today a lot of my predictions have come to reality.

It saddened me a lot to realize that the governor we massively voted with hope to change the state of affairs can only change cars, shelter, travel schedules and friends. This is indeed sardonic and must provoke every concerned citizen of the state.

From the appointment of commissioners to assistants and head of agencies, there are either portfolio misplacements or the elevation of disturbing cronyism and incompetence, which started from the outset of the GMA’s administration. Some cabal gave a plum appointments to their godsons, some of who even served the immediate-past administration or openly campaigned for the PDP.

A leading member of the cabal, who is the present Chief of Staff to the governor, Audu Sule Katagum contested a Membership of House of the Federal House of Assembly. And no one knows when he joined the APC.

Take the case of Ali Kumo fo for instance. Any loyal party man will not be happy to see the Gombe state citizen get such relevance in  Bauchi state government house.

So also, no one who wishes the APC well will be happy to see the administration of governor M.A Abubakar without competent media team that disseminates information on government policies and counter constructive criticismon their principal in an emerging world of new media. Instead, sycophants were hired and posting their pictures displaying four fingers with an inscriptions such as 4+4=8, GMA 2019, Tazarce MA and Makama till 2023.

Similarly, consider how the cabal dumped loyal party members like Shu’aibu Rahma, Isah Abuh Yusuf, Tijjani Secretary, Harsanu Yunusa Guyaba, Khalipa Mustapha, Haladu Chigero and Nasiru Nuhu Chigari to appoint people who had until 2015 elections never met Governor Abubakar nor worked for the APC.

Whenever I thought of these cabal and their sycophants I get more hopeless with no option than to recite “Inna Lillahi Wa Ilaihi Raji’un” (Surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall we return) They Hacked Our Change Again.

One basic fact a lot of these sycophants forget is that MA Abubakar rode on the saddle of a political party to power. The fortunes of the party are diminishing and those who laboured to build the party and ensured its success have been relegated, while political ambulance chasers take the centre stage.

There is concern about the political future of MA Abubakar and APC in Bauchi State. As it stands today, barring any miracle, MA Abubakar could either be the first incumbent governor in Nigeria to lose a party ticket at the primaries or the first to lose re-election in Bauchi State political history.

Mukhtar Muhammad Mk, writes from Bauchi, He can be reach on +2348037384843


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