Nyako Attacks Gulak, Warns Jonathan

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Governor Murtala Nyako of Adamawa State has accused Ahmed Gulak Special Adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan on Political Matters Ahmed Ali Gulak of living in the past even as he claims he is the governor’s senior in politics.

Speaking through his director, press and public affairs ,Government House, Yola Ahmed Sajoh, stated that; “We wish to remind Gulak that he is still living in the past when he spoke about winning an election in Adamawa State and that he is senior to Governor Murtala Nyako in politics. What we said and we stand to be corrected is that A A Gulak never won any election in the 4th Republic and he never supported anyone to win an election in the current dispensation.”
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Speaking further Nyako said; “That he contested for House of Representatives in the FCT under ANPP and lost woefully, and contested the Nomination process in Adamawa State under PDP and he scored 2 votes only. We challenge him to prove otherwise. We equally challenge him to produce one picture of him campaigning for President Jonathan in Adamawa State in 2011 or to publish the results of the 2011 elections in Gulak his home base. It is on record that all the candidates he supported lost in his unit in Gulak. He campaigned against Senator Bindow Jibrilla who is now in the Senate, the Member House of Representatives is an APC candidate, he is mortally opposed to the current Speaker who is from the same Gulak ward as him but he is there, He is at loggerheads with Governor Nyako, yet he won in Gulak. So who is he deceiving?”
“His reference to his election in the aborted 3rd Republic where he became the Speaker of the State House of Assembly only re-enforces the fact that he is just living in the past. He should have as well gone ahead to tell the public that he did not end that process as the Speaker because he was impeached within a short time due to greed, avarice and gross incompetence. The record of his tenure and his impeachment process is still available and if he dares us we shall publish them raw. A A Gulak should equally realize that the process that saw his emergence as a Speaker was superintendent by an Armed Forces Council as the highest law making body in the land, and that Murtala Nyako was part of that Council. It only takes an ingrate of the highest order to turn around and pour insults on one of his benefactors in the manner done by Ali Gulak. Moreover, technically speaking, at the time Gulak was Speaker, Murtala Nyako was his boss because the whole political process at that time was controlled by the AFRC of which Nyako was a senior member,” he said.
The governor also added that; “This fact had further justified our assertion elsewhere that President Jonathan should be wary of the likes of Gulak who are just friends of convenience. They will bow and genuflect before you today if it is convenient and turn around to insult you tomorrow if they find a new nest to perch on. We will not be surprised if tomorrow Gulak turns out to be President Jonathan’s worst adversary. After all, as recently as December 2013, Gulak was heard in Yola telling someone that he will continue to insult Nyako because that is what provides him the resources to erect the new House he is building in Yola. If he disputes this statement we shall provide the details when appropriate.
“On the issue of a signed agreement by his principal, the likes of Gulak were not put in the picture at the time it took place and he is totally incompetent to talk about it. And he and other political scavengers around the President should stop fretting about the agreement, at the appropriate time it shall be made public. The issue is not about Jonathan contesting in 2015 or not. It is about honour, about trust and unfortunately now, it is equally about competence to manage the affairs of the Country. The document may not even be necessary after all. The activities and conduct of close acolytes like A A Gulak are enough justification of the apparent lack of Honour and Credibility on the part of the Jonathan Presidency.
“The visit by North-West Political leaders and the statement by President Jonathan about the North-East at the forum provide ample reason to believe that the political neophytes around the President from the region have lost relevance even to the President. The total neglect of the North-East by the Federal Government in terms of development is another proof that they are of no consequence even within the political equations of the presidency. The attempt to fly a kite on the possibility of not conducting elections in his home state further proves that Gulak lacks patriotic credentials. No responsible patriot will support a process that disenfranchises his people. Well, patriotism is a currency unknown to our current rulers in Abuja”, he said.

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