Now, That The Spirit Of The Slain Security Agents Killed In Alakyo Has Avenge Death By Rabiu Omaku,Lafia

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  • TRIBUTE TO SLAIN SECURITY AGENTS IN Alakyo on the 7/5/2013

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What I experience in Nasarawa south senatorial district on my way to Lafia on Saturday was an eyesore, I saw the aged, women and children  trekking  to the unknown destinations, The mass exodus of commoners mostly Eggon  pulling out of Wunge,Tudun Wada,Campo  alongside Migili denotes the high rate of uncertainty in the state.
There is death everywhere,The Bare-bari in Lafia central is hunting for Eggons whom they have related for decade, Is awful that an Eggon that was brought up in the palace of Emir of Lafia as an Islamic cleric was discovered to be the arrow head on the failed plot to kill the emir.
I saw farmers abandoning their farm produce, which is ready for harvest to a safer place; Can somebody look back and answer this question? I heard of some journalist from Nasarawa state that flees to neighboring Plateau and Kaduna state for the safety of their lives.
Who deserved the governorship seat-The politician that has the upper hand, that is the majority?
Who deserved the stool of emir of Lafia ?
A Bare-bari man or who
In spite of the inter-marriage that exists between us, why are we fighting each other?
Religion is not our problem in Nasarawa state, was it, Why was it that we have Moslem, Christians and Pagan in same family? Can anybody make amend?
Doma,the headquarter of Doma witness unprecedented refugees from Kwara,  Jenkwe ,Al-Waza ,Agyaragu,Akyaragu,Agye-Shumutu are running  from their permanent place of abode over a threat of attack by suspected fulani mercenaries, the mass movement of Migili from Agye-Shumutu in Doma to a safer place is an indication that the spirit of the slain security agents massacred in Alakyo on the 7/5/2013 are on  vengeance on the god’s of Baba Alakyo.
Dark cloud still hang in the sky as more people are pulling out of their permanent place of abode for safety, May the souls of all victims of circumstances Rest in Perfect peace,Amen,The attack on Alakyo village, the killing and maiming of other people and the village head did not come as a surprise after the 5:25 am raid by suspected fulani’s, rather the  news of the demise of the spiritual head of Ombatse continued to generates mixed reactions  especially among the Eggons who sees Baba Alakyo as a lesser god.
The news of the death of Baba was strongly opposing by his kinsmen even when his son unfolded that the family members are yet to see Baba Alakyo aftermath of the raid in Alakyo,If a house fall will the roof survived, The answer is no,Is no longer news that no single life exist in Alakyo until after the raid that warriors  from neighboring settlement of Eggon accord their support.
The question that needed an answer is is Baba powerful and immortal, If yes why did the superintendent of Baba Alakyo ask for tight security when Baba was invited by the Judicial Commission of Inquiry despite the presence of  Armour Perssonel Carrier Van?.
Is true that fulani warriors raided Alakyo at about 5:25 am unleashing terror  from the four angles, Many live were lost whether we like it or not, Why was it that the killing of the village head was acceptable but Baba’s death remain unaccepted .
Why was it that the legal luminary and legal Adviser to Ombatse insurgents denied an interview he granted to the press that Baba Alakyo was death, The mixed reaction of the legal Adviser to the outlawed ethnic association again reversed back that the chief priest of Ombatse is hale and healthy, culled from VERBATIM Magazine of December,2014,The respected and controversial Zachary Zamani Allumaga in paragraph two of  the report, “IS BABA ALAKYO DEAD OR ALIVE ? Reacting that he was under pressure to attest to crop of reporters on phone that the spiritual head of Ombatse is death, this did not augur well to the respected jurist.
The essence of power, wealth is to support and uplift the weaker ones but not to molest them as it was obtainable in our society, As the illumination, molestation, maiming, killings is ongoing the same species of human being are conversing for our mandate to governed the weaker, hapless and defenseless people in the society just in the name of politics and the stool of a monarch.
Some people died as martyrs while trying to protect their family and communities, IS HIGH TIME WE LEAVE PEACEFULL AS PEOPLE FOR THE INTEREST OF THE STATE,WE HAVE ONLY ONE STATE,NASARAWA,A STATE OF OUR DREAM
Besides, we must tolerate one another not even the indigene of Nasarawa state for peace to rein, We must respect human dignity, but not hurting other tribes, At the end all of us are casualties.

The news of Baba Alakyo’s death should not come as a surprise because Almighty God has ordained that “ALL LIVES MUST TASTE DEATH, again THE FLAKING OF BLOOD OF INNOCENT PERSONS IS FORBIDDING “No matter the numinous power  acquire by  one he will certainly one day died either by the gun or  of a natural cause.

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