Nothing Like Republic Of Biafra  In Nigeria  ,Army Chief Warns Igbo

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Yakubu Busari

IPOB-members-on-protest-along-Aba-Owerri-road.The General Officer Commanding ,3 Division Lt General Hassan Umaru has warned Igbo’s  threatening the peaceful coexistence of Nigeria over agitation for republic of Biafara state destroying lives and properties to stay clear .

Lt General Umaru reiterated this during a press briefing held at the 3 division headquarters of RuKuba Barrack in Jos.

He said, “The Nigerian Army would like to send an unequivocal warning to all and sundry, more specifically to all those threatening and agitating for the dismemberment of the country.

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General Umaru noted that, those clamouring for the Biafara state are committing treasonable felony and arson to cause wanton destruction of lives and properties that once deployed; I don’t know whether we have Biafara people in Nigeria.

He added, “we shall apply the Rules of engagement (ROE) to the letter with the hope that such circumstances would not arise that we shall be deployed on such operations ,because let nobody make any mistake within the ambit of the law”.

The Army boss advised that the public is hereby informed that officers and soldiers have been warned not to take sides in any conflict and if found wanting would face the consequences of their actions.

He reminded that any officer or soldier found aiding or abetting any act of arson, vandalism or unprofessional conduct, would be severely dealt with according to the extant laws.

“President Muhammadu Buhari visit has boost the morale of the troops in North-east, so since I resume office, we have been working hard to address the challenges including supplying fighting equipment to the army in the field”, he explained.

“we charge the troops to flow rules of engagement in their operations and know when to response ,we are doing quite a lot to meet up the dateline of federal government”, he said.

General Umaru expressed confidence that there is no place under the control of Boko Haram sects against going general speculation from people.

He tasked the general public to be on the watch out to see the problem of Sambisa forest which they federal troops had dislodge all of them.

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