Nigerian Prison Service Set For NationWide Strike By Yakubu Ventim

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The Nigerian Prison service(NPS) of rank and files has concluded arrangement for nationwide strike to be  embark upon in the  next two weeks to press for poor condition of service and delay in promotion.
The  National coordinating  body in Abuja confirmed that the team of selected group will be send round to all the 36 states prison headquarters to   sensitize and enlighten  other ranks of constable, inspectors  who suffered injustice  directly or  affected from the delay in promotion and  some of them who  have been without being promoted   for clock to 10 and  18 years .

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The group warned that their action will paralyze the entire country because they are battle ready to face the task
if nothing is done before the strike period they are going  to open all the prison gates and set all the prisoners including the  condemned  in the country to go freed
They advised federal government in their interest to  ensure the tackle problem of poor condition of service and the challenges of prison  congestion in Nigeria  also to  address the disparity during recruiting exercise of  senior cadre who are mostly graduates of University and polytechnic .
We are calling on the federal government to see this struggle as way of bringing change and  transformation not threatening government.
Our  complaint is  genuine that is the more  reason why we are giving notice to inform government of our plan for industrial action the work in the offices  are done by us  yet we are not motivated or promoted to the next rank we  remain for years without been call for promotion examine.
The frustrating situation is damping our  spirit in discharging official duty effectively in the country
 The group vowed that unless federal government put an end to their plight by upgrading their qualification or give them  promoted to the cadre position because Monkey the work baboon the chop in Nigerian prison service
According to the statement over the years we kept submitting our credentials hoping to be promoted to the next rank but the only exercise is we keep seeing replacement going on with families names from inspectors to ASP  upward.
We also called on government to as a matter of urgency address the problem of corruption in Nigerian Prison service
Two week ultimatum have been given to federal government or else  we will embark on indefinite strike  we advice that action should be taking in other to curtail further bridge law and order.

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