Nigerian Police Inspector General, Idris Ibrahim Shock Senators, Says I Did Not Come Here To Answer Your Questions

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Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris on Wednesday appeared before the Senate ad-hoc Committee investigating him on many allegations level against him by Senator Isah Misau, but the Police Chief didn’t answer any question posed to him by the Senators.

While appearing before the ad-hoc committee the Police boss added that he appeared before the Senate ad-hoc committee was borne out of the respect he has for the Senators and that he was not there to answer their questions.

“I decided to appear before this Senate committee on the allegations out of the high respect I have for the Senate and my penchant for the rule of law,” Idris said.

Speaking he said; “I am represented by a Senior Advocate of Nigeria here, that’s Alex Izyon. I will not make any other comment or answer any question in respect to the allegation (by Mr. Misau) and various civil and criminal cases pending in the law court, especially, when the senator has already been arraigned in court in respect of these matters.”

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Speaking on his behalf counsel to the Inspector General of Police, Alex Iziyon told the committee that if they make any comment on the allegation then that it will amount to prejudice since the matter is already in court.

“Because we don’t have anything to hide, we have responded to the allegations paragraph by paragraph. We know you have rules here and we are asking you to look at it,” Iziyon said.

Iziyon said; “I have taken instructions from him (Idris). We’ve got the papers filed by the petitioner and we have responded to those allegations to show that we don’t have to hide and I have submitted 15 copies this morning to this honourable committee.

“When you have judicial remedies present and these matters are in court, any reference to it might lead to prejudice. The Senate in their own wisdom has this rule. That is why I am pleading with you to look into your own rule.

Citing order 41(7) and 53(5) of the Senate standing order he said;  “Furthermore, it is expected that the Senate and the committee will refrain from making reference to the issue as it would be against order 41 (7) and 53 (5) of the Senate standing order 2015 as amended.”

However, while speaking the chairman of the panel, Senator Francis Alimekhena, added that the case of police virement of 2016 budger which was also mentioned in the accusations against the IGP was not part of the issue that went to court.

Senator Alimekhena said; “The virement of 2016 budget did not go to court. The committee was constituted before you went to court. The Senate is not out to witch-hunt anybody.”

“This committee was constituted before you went to court. In other words, the court is even interfering with affairs of this committee,” the ad-hoc committee’s chairman added.

However, the committee agreed to study the documents and then invite the IGP on a fresh date and hearing was adjourned indefinitely.

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