Nigerian Christian Group Faults Protest In London Over President Buhari’s Medical Trip

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The Congress of Northern Nigeria Christians, CNNC, has condemned the protest by some Nigerians in London recently asking President Mohammadu Buhari to return home.

Speaking in a statement, the National Youth President of the group, Engr Daniel Kadzai added tthat Nigerians should remember that Buhari is the President and should not be publicly humiliated.

According to Kadzai he said the insult by a Nigerian Southern Kaduna State born indigene based in London who publicly called the President names was not good.

Speaking further he said, it is obvious that the protesters are not acting alone, as he said that they protesters have both local and international backers who don’t mean well for Nigeria as a country.

“The call for President Buhari’s resignation is part of the overall plot and in the weeks and months ahead; more and more attempts to destabilize the country would surface,” Kadzai said.

The group, therefore, warned protesters to desist from this ignoble quest which by all intents and purposes would serve the interest of their paymasters.

Kadzai cautioned that they would be held responsible should there be a breakdown of law and order in the country.

“I urge all well-meaning Nigerians to rise in defense of the country in this critical period of our existence, by calling to question the motives of these people in their antics towards misleading the unsuspecting members of the general public”.

CNNC agreed that the medical facilities in the country should be upgraded and that the government should also address the plight of the striking doctors, but disagreed that protesting and embarrassing the President in London is certainly not the way to go.

It would be recalled that protesters gathered outside the Nigerian High Commission in the UK, known as Abuja House, on 2 April, to protest against President Muhammadu Buhari.

The protesters, who believe the 78 year old politician is inside the building in west London, are demanding that he stop wasting money on foreign trips.


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