Nigerian Army Recaptures Chibok Town

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The Nigeria Army on Sunday said it has recaptured and secured the Chibok town that was captured by the Boko Haram sect last week.
In its twitter handle,  the Defence Headquarter said; “Troops continue pursuit of fleeing terrorists and arrest of the wounded. Normalcy is restored. #CHIBOK is Secured.”
“Terrorists who attacked Chibok town early yesterday have been effectively flushed out. Subsequent mopping up is still ongoing ,” further tweets from the Defence Headuarter said.
Also tweeting is the Nigerian Defence Spokesperson, Major Chris Olukolade who said in his tweet that; “ Our Troops have rescued the innocent #Chibok from wicked enemies, dismantled the terrorists assault and in pursuit of their fleeing ruins.”
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However, Leading elder Pogu Bitrus told AFP the town was re-taken in a joint operation with local vigilantes known as the Civilian Joint Task Force, who back up the military in several parts of the northeast where Boko Haram is active.
He said the vigilantes fought inside the town while army soldiers “stayed outside the town to mop up the insurgents trying to escape.”
Boko Haram had captured the town on Thursday after a battle lasting several hours.
Several inhabitants said the army had fled the assault, leaving the vigilantes to fight on their own.

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