Nigeria Risks Climate Change Danger To Human Activities And Deforestation–Mr Wazhi

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Yakubu Busari

The Chairman Eagle Eye Climate Change Initiative, Mr Timloh Wazhi has decried how Nigeria is currently facing high risk of the climate change on how human activities affected the environment leading conflicts of social and economic interest.

He lamented that conflict displacement of people, falling of trees and animal husbandry are responsible for desert encroachment in Northern Nigeria.

Wazhi stated this during the World environment Day celebration held in Jos.

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He reiterated how cutting of trees can affect the environment and climate change which had destroy the lives of people which resulted to flooding sleeping away hectares of farmland.

Wazhi stated that over the last forty years Jos, Plateau has been experiencing drastic increase temperature were rising mostly in the southern part up to the North that is mainly caused by deforestation.

He condemned were people now building their houses on waters way which no matter how long it’s take water must find its way into the river bank.

According to him, the research by the organization revealed that cutting down of trees that is used as fire woods due cost of kerosene and cooking gas by family is on the high side, therefore government should look into those critical area to reduce the price of kerosene and gas which will go a long way to curtailing the deforestation currently going on in the country.

He complained that grazing of animals by the Fulani herders also contributed negatively to destruction of the forest and farmland by advising people to go into reforestation to protect the environment.

Yakubu Zitta of Telpon Environment limited, commended the organizing the program towards the restoration of the environment.

He said so much competition about grazing land which have great impact on the land and lament how many of animals are going into extinction by accused government of using lives ammunition to killed animals.

Zitta said the embarked on sensitization awareness campaign to safeguard the environment appealing people should stop throwing plastic bags with other garbage into water ways.

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